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Maryland healthcare facilities are enjoying a wide variety of benefits from hand dryers by American Dryers. Hand dryers are more than just an alternative to paper towels. In fact, they are more cost effective, more eco-friendly, and most importantly more hygienic than using paper towels.

Installation of an American Dryer hand dryer in a high-use location such as a Maryland hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility means significant savings over using paper towels. Hand dryers beat out paper towels in a cost comparison of 1000 hand dryings at 98% savings. With substantially lower costs, your Maryland healthcare facility will see a return on investment in a matter of months.

In addition to saving your Maryland institution thousands of dollars each year, hand dryers help save the environment too. Hand dryers are no waste, reducing both paper towels and plastic trash bags in landfills. Replacing paper towels in your Maryland facility with hand dryers also means a preserving natural resources such as water, oil, and trees used to make paper towels. American Dryer has worked hard to ensure their hand dryers are eco-friendly, with the EXT model using 80-90% less electricity than conventional hand dryers.

Check out this video on how a Cold Plasma Clean Hand Dryer off-sets the mold growth on a slice of bread. Maryland hospitals, healthcare facilities and nursing homes are always looking to maximize hygienic patient experiences, and hand dryers offer that benefit. Sensor activated systems allow for “hands-off” usage, decreasing the spread of germs in high traffic areas. American Dryer employs the latest in hand drying and hygiene in its Extreme Air Cold Plasma Clean hand dryer. CPC technology has been tested to substantially reduce germs*, purify air and neutralize odors.

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* “Results reflect average reduction rates based on testing performed by EMSL and ATL using a modified ASTM international Standard E1153. Your results may vary. This product is not designed or intended to clean the air of the entire restroom. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent disease. For more information on CPC Technology, please download the white paper at EPA Establishment Number is 091022-MI-001."

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