Top Five Reasons Why Pressalit Shower Chairs Are Leading The Industry

Top Five Reasons Why Pressalit Shower Chairs Are Leading The Industry

For many who are aging, disabled, or otherwise unable to stand for long periods of time, the task of bathing may be daunting or even dangerous. Shower chairs give the user a place to sit while bathing, allowing for a safe, stress-free experience. With many years of experience in the industry, Patient Safety USA knows there are many shower chair options for both home and professional settings. We are committed to carrying top quality products for our clients.

Here are our top five reasons why we feel that Pressalit’s shower chairs are ideal for any application

5. Shower Chair – Full range of options:

In today’s world, we’re all about options—the more the better. Pressalit’s shower chair line is all about options too. Whether you’re looking for a basic wall mounted shower seat, vertically adjustable chairs, or even horizontal track mounted chairs which can be moved around the room, Pressalit and Patient Safety USA has you covered. With a full array of colors, you can even coordinate your shower chair with the space in which it’s being installed. There’s always something to suit your needs and budget.

Pressalit Shower Chair

4. Shower Chair – Designed to benefit your space:

Whether for a professional setting or home setting, Patient Safety USA can help you find handicapped shower chairs that will actually benefit your space. Having the ability to design around a movable shower chair, rather than a fixed shower point, is greatly beneficial to architects and builders, and will save you floor space in your professional bathroom. In home settings, shower chair users often share the bathroom with standing users; in this instance, Patient Safety USA has products that can folded up and tucked away.

3. Shower Chair – Fully adjustable for user optimization:

Caregivers, physical therapists, and assistants alike are praising Pressalit’s shower chairs adjustable features. By allowing users to customize the shower chair to their specifications, they experience not only optimal safety, but maximum comfort as well. This application is especially critical in settings with rotating users, such as hospital or nursing homes. Users can adjust backrest, seat, and armrest height to create a perfect individualized fit.

Pressalit Shower Chair

2. Shower Chair – Ease of use results in independence:

A common experience for elderly or disabled individuals is a sense of dependence on others. The Pressalit shower chairs are designed to relieve these feelings by providing the user with a simple to use solution for those who are unable to bathe without assistance. Caregivers often note an increase in confidence and mobility in their patients who use the Pressalit shower chairs.

Pressalit Shower Chair

1. Shower Chair – Safety for users and helpers:

At Patient Safety USA, we are naturally centered on safety, which is the number one reason we love the Pressalit shower chairs. In addition to the options and adjustability described above, these shower seats are sturdy, reliable, and easy to keep clean. Shower chairs with backrests and arm rests offer a more secure experience, and non-slip gripping surfaces are included for showering safety. For those who require assistance while bathing, helpers are happy about the ability to position the patient in a way that’s comfortable for all.

If you’re looking into shower chairs for your home or healthcare facility, we’re sure you’ll agree that Pressalit shower chairs are the perfect combination of safety, comfort and design. Contact us today to learn how to get started with Patient Safety USA, and find out for yourself why they are our number one choice for our clients!

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