3 Benefits of Countertop Lifts for Care Facilities

3 Benefits of Countertop Lifts for Care Facilities

In any type of care facility, the number-one goal should be meeting the diverse needs of the people you’re serving. Often, countertops — and the kitchen in general — is inaccessible to those who use mobility devices, and also presents challenges for children and people of different heights. Countertop lifts present a solution to this problem, as they enable the user to adjust the height of the counter. Here are a few reasons why these devices could be beneficial to your facility.

1. They allow multiple people to comfortably use the space.

Countertop lifts move up and down, either electrically via a switch or manually with a crank handle. Whichever type of lift you choose will serve the same purpose: it will allow users with varying needs to adjust the counter to the correct ergonomic height. One example where this may be useful is in a living space that houses multiple people, or where new tenants will be living in the future. It could also be helpful for gathering spaces that are shared for dining or community activities.

2. They improve safety and comfort.

Having a countertop lift in your kitchen can prevent accidents and injuries that are caused by unnecessary reaching, or unsafe maneuvers for those with mobility devices. Non-ambulatory users can easily access the countertop from a seated position, as counters with lifts installed do not have cabinets underneath, and therefore allow ample space for a wheelchair to pull in. Further, Indivo’s safety systems are built to prevent injury: a pressure-sensitive safety bar stops moving and raises the countertop if it senses any resistance.

3. They can increase independence for those with mobility devices.

It sounds simple, but having a height-adjustable countertop allows people to engage in daily activities that they might not otherwise have access to, such as meal prep and cooking. Non-ambulatory users can adjust the counter themselves, and once the height is set, they are able to sit beside people of varying abilities — as opposed to being seated in a separate space that can accommodate a wheelchair, which may often be the case. This can increase independence, contributing to higher confidence and a better quality of life.

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