Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania:
Patient Safety USA is proud to supply the Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania with its medical equipment. Ranked #1 in their region and 7th in the nation by U.S. New’s “Best Hospital” Rankings, the Hospitals of UPenn are some of the highest ranked in the entire country.

University of Pittsburg Medical Center:
University of Pittsburg Medical center is a non-profit, world-renowned health care provide and insurer, known for its clinical and technological capabilities and innovation. Ranked 12th in the nation on U.S. New’s Best Hospitals, University of Pittsburg Medical center is on the cutting edge of delivering cost-effective and efficient healthcare services.

New York University:
New York University is one of the leading universities in both the U.S. and the world. Ranked 27th in the world by the World University Rank in 2012, NYU is known for being one of the largest and most successful private universities in the world.

Mount Sinai Hospital:
Mount Sinai Hospital is a world-renown academic health sciences center affiliated with the University of Toronto. It has been recognized for multiple awards due to its clinical strengths, leading research facilities, excellent nursing and patient care, and employment and culture centered programs.

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