Shower Chairs

Shower Chairs

Shower chairs from Patient Safety USA can make showering safer and more manageable for patients of varying abilities. Offering the ability to sit while showering, they reduce the risk of falls and can make showering accessible to those for whom standing for long periods is difficult or impossible.

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Patient Safety offers our customers shower chairs exclusively from Pressalit in a variety of models and price points. Pressalit is thought-leader in the industry, dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. Their products help to keep people safe and help them live with dignity and the maximum possible independence.

Pressalit’s shower chairs offer cutting-edge technology to make them extremely flexible. They can be adjusted up or down, left and right, and folded to increase space when not in use. They can include carefully designed handrails to allow secure maneuvering from mobility device to chair and back again and are available in fixed, manually adjustable, and electronically adjustable models.

Shower Chair Parts

Patient Safety also provides OEM high quality replacement parts for shower chairs and seats. We have handicap shower seat parts on hand to reduce fall risk, make showering more accessible, and improve safety in your facility for patients and employees. Contact us for shower chair parts and equipment for safe patient handling in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation facilities, home care, and more.

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