PLUS shower seat 450 with aperture, manually height adjustable

Anthracite: Product no.: R7431112000
Pale Grey: Product no.: R7431182000

450 mm (17.716545 inch) with aperture, manually height adjustable With backrest and armrests. Can be height adjusted 195 mm (7.6771695 inch) from 355 mm (13.9763855 inch) to 540 mm (21.259854 inch) . Seat and armrests are foldable.

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Product Group

Shower chairs


White, Orange, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Lime Green, Light Blue, Brown, Purple

Description of Product

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Height and sideways adjustable

Adjustment Interval (mm)



The shower seat is made of polyurethane (PU) foam with a plywood core and this is covered with an in-mould coated surface that is protected using a clear PU lacquer. The backrest is made of polyurethane (PU) foam protected using a clear PU lacquer. The arms are primarily constructed of 10-micrometre anodized aluminium, with a non-slip gripping surface at the end made of soft SEBS and inforporating a glass-reinforced nylon core. The hinge arm is also made of soft SEBS. Internal components and fasteners are primarily made of stainless steel. The hinge barrel is capped with ABS.

Maximum Load

300 kg. During height adjustment, maximum load is 150 kg.


Ergonomically designed seat – contact surface are 450 x 437 mm. Soft and slip-resistant material that has a warm feel. The oval shape of the armrests gives an easy and comfortable surface to lean on and push against.


Powered raising or lowering at the push of a button – the seat can easily be adjusted upwards or downwards to a good working height for the carer while the user sits on it. The seat, backrest and armrests can be adjusted simultaneously thanks to a safe and easy click system. The armrests can also be adjusted independently of the seat and backrest. The seat and armrests can fold up when not in use or to maximise floor space. Wired hand control comes with brackets for fitting to the wall.

DimensionsPLUS shower seat 450 with aperture, electrically height adjustable og sideways adjustable

LA27CS (Linak) 6000N, IPX6

Control box

TR6 (Linak) IPX0

Hand control

HB7 (Linak) IP66

Power consumption W (maximum load)


Power consumption W (standby)


Speed, upwards (mm/s)


Speed, downwards (mm/s)


Noise level (dB)


Weight (kg)


Cleaning instruction

Pressalit Care recommends that chalky deposits be removed from wall tracks and other aluminum parts using a solution of three parts of 30% acetic acid to seven parts tap water. When the aluminum parts have been washed down with this solution, the parts should be wiped over with a damp cloth wrung out in clear water.

Cover Plate Color

Anthracite, Pale Grey

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