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Adjustable Tables & Counters

For many disabled individuals, independent use of the kitchen has always been very limited—until now. Enter Indivo, Pressalit’s groundbreaking line of height-adjustable work surfaces and cabinets. Designed around the everyday needs of seated users, Indivo’s accessible cabinets, countertops and freestanding tables bring independence back to the kitchen for disabled, elderly and wheelchair bound individuals.

Handicapped accessible cabinets are once again in reach, comfortable wheelchair countertop use only seconds away thanks to Indivo. Edge-mounted electric switches are easily accessible and are color coded to eliminate confusion. Lifts fit most cabinets and countertops, meaning aesthetic design is practically unlimited while giving the option to retro-fit an existing kitchen.

With safety at its core, our height adjustable cabinets and work surfaces are designed prevent injury. Pressure sensitive bars line the underside of the handicapped countertops, while similar plates are installed beneath each wheelchair accessible cabinet. If either safety mechanism is activated, movement immediately ceases and backs off keeping the user safe and countertop items undamaged.

Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and any other shared kitchen benefit from this fluid system. Height adjustable counters and cabinets promote independence in a safe manner, boosting user confidence and overall wellbeing.

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