Height Adjustable Fixtures for the Kitchen and Bathroom

Height Adjustable Fixtures for the Kitchen and Bathroom

For many handicapped individuals, regular, everyday activities can be a challenge. Sinks and countertops are often positioned at standing height, making it difficult to reach for seated users. Fixtures mounted at seated height benefit wheelchair users, but may inconvenience standing users. As two of the most used rooms, both kitchens and bathrooms can benefit from fluid fixtures that allow safe experiences for both seated and independent users. With safety at the heart of every design, Pressalit has developed products to fill such a need. Each kitchen and bathroom fixture is height adjustable, while remaining sturdy, reliable, and fully functional.

Kitchen Safety products for your healthcare facility
Spending time in the kitchen is more than just a necessity; the kitchen represents a social gathering place that should be enjoyed by all. Whether it’s preparing or cooking food, dining, or cleaning up after a meal, we spend a large part of the day in the kitchen. Indivo’s unique design helps seated users feel included while allowing standing users to work alongside without inconvenience.

Height adjustable countertops open a world of possibilities for seated users. Countertops can be fitted with a sink, stovetop, or food preparation surface allowing wheelchair users to join in the full kitchen experience. Indivo’s electric adjustment system is designed for everyday use. For occasional adjustments, manual and bracketing systems offer budget friendly options. Handicapped accessible storage options are also available through Indivo. At the touch of a button, overhead cabinets can be lowered to seated level keeping everything accessible for wheelchair users.

Bathroom safety products for your healthcare facility
Between using the toilet, showering, and self-grooming at the sink area, the bathroom receives many visitors over the course of the day. Whether they be independent or wheelchair users, flexible options in the bathroom allow for shared use by all. Pressalit PLUS series offers height adjustable sinks and shower chairs designed to ease these everyday tasks for seated users.

Using a traditional bathroom sink can be challenging for those in a wheelchair. Wall mounted handicapped sinks are beneficial, but may be limiting for the user. Pressalit’s line of height adjustable wheelchair sinks are most ideal, allowing users of all sizes to safely and comfortably use the sink. With three different height adjustable models, there’s sure to be something for everyone. For showering needs, Pressalit also offers a line of height adjustable shower chairs designed for wheelchair users. Height adjustable shower chairs maximize comfort and safety. Private healthcare facility rooms with rotating users will benefit from the height adjustable bathroom series, requiring only minor adjustments as new patients move in.

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