Pressalit Shower Chairs & Shower Seats

Pressalit Shower Chairs & Shower Seats

Pressalit shower chairs are designed with the user in mind. Most of Patient Safety USA’s shower chairs are equipped with tall backrests allowing the user to feel safe, long armrests with non-slip grip for safety in a wet environment, and ergonomically designed seats capable of supporting between 250-600+ pounds, depending on the model. Many models in the shower chair line allow for customization of the backrest, arm rest and seat height to guarantee the most comfortable positioning. Adjustments of each piece are made independently from the others, and are as simple as raising the adjustment lever, sliding the parts of the shower chair into the desired position, and relocking the lever. In this way, the user is left with a feeling of independence and increased confidence.

For those looking for even more flexibility, Patient Safety USA offers several models which are mounted to a horizontal track, allowing the shower chair to be easily placed in various locations throughout the room. This feature is favorable for builders and architects, who will be able to design a space with movable parts, while still adhering to ADA codes. Track mounted shower seats also leave room for helpers or caregivers. In instances such as home settings, which are shared by independent standing users, the shower seat folds up and out of the way. It is easy to see how much convenience Patient Safety USA’s shower chairs offer!

Patient Safety USA knows that not all individuals’ needs are the same, which is why we believe Pressalit shower chairs are sure to be the perfect addition to any healthcare facility. In a professional setting which sees many different users over time, it is essential to have one system capable of adapting to a variety of needs and space requirements. Patient Safety USA’s shower chairs’ adjustable settings allow for exactly that, meaning your patients or residents will always feel that the shower chair will be personalized for ideal safety and comfort. When a helper is required, he or she will also have peace of mind knowing that the patient or resident can be positioned for easiest and safest assisting. With both patients and helpers satisfied, Patient Safety USA’s line of Pressalit’s shower seats are sure to be a win-win addition to your facility.

While our first priority is our clients’ safety, we also seek to carry products that can be visually appealing, without sacrificing on functionality. Patient Safety USA carries a wide variety of both bright and muted colors, sure to compliment any space.

No matter your requirements, Patient Safety USA is here to help you select the perfect shower chair for your space. When you chose our shower seats, for either a personal or professional setting, you will not be disappointed!

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