Innovative Design Patient Safety USA

Innovative Design Patient Safety USA

Spotlight on Technology: How Design Thinking Can Transform Patient Safety

Perhaps it’s uncommon to consider groundbreaking design when you’re thinking of patient safety, but our selection of innovative solutions to patient care is continuously pushing the boundaries between function and aesthetics. In fact, Pressalit Care, one of our select manufactuers, is thrilled to announce its most recent accolade: The Nightingale Silver Award, presented at the Healthcare Design Conference in Orlando, Florida. The Nightingale goes to Pressalit’s MATRIX M wash basin, selected as the winner due to its unique design and pioneering adaptability. MATRIX M is designed by Pressalit’s resident Designer in Product Development, Anne Mette Thy Tygesen.

The PLUS Series: Good Design is in the Details

Pressalit Care represents innovation, reimagined for the chronically ill and physically impaired. Pressalit’s PLUS family of track-mounted bathroom fixtures has also received the prestigious Nightingale Innovation Award for the collection’s accessible, intuitive design. Pressalit’s design philosophy ensures that every physical space is capable of being adapted to the user’s distinctive needs – and never the other way around.

Praised for its ease of use, Pressalit’s PLUS family of track-mounted bathroom fixtures ensures ergonomic positioning alongside optimal infection control. Rounded edges, a closed design, and a minimum of problematic slits and grooves guarantee that every component within the PLUS Series features a smooth, even surface—which makes cleaning a breeze. Available in an array of colors designed to suit any aesthetic, Pressalit’s PLUS family doesn’t overlook appearances, since functionality depends – at least in part – on good style, too.

A Commitment to Good Design – Without Sacrificing Function

Pressalit Care’s innovative designs prioritize ergonomics alongside effective infection control – and the good design doesn’t end there. Cost-savings also play a role, according to Pressalit President Gary Nowitz. “The flexibility of the [PLUS family] series offers both short- and long-term economic advantages,” he explains. Easy replacement and relocation of components means owners need fewer sub-components. Contractors value Pressalit’s sensible design, too: according to Nowitz, “The contractor doesn’t have to worry about future conversion costs when a new resident or patient with different needs moves in.” Adjustments are that simple!

People Want to Do Things Themselves – And We Let Them

Our goal is straightforward: to empower all humans to care for themselves, take control of their lives, and live with as much autonomy as possible. As such, Pressalit’s attractive, minimalistic bathroom solutions are created with style and function in mind. Germ-resistant surfaces are easy to clean for effective infection control, and multiple color options make it easy to suit individual tastes. In addition, PLUS solutions are easily tailored for family use, as well as for those with changing needs or progressive illnesses.

Find Us on Amazon!

Today, our well-designed, highly functional products are widely available on Amazon. We’re proud to feature everything from hand dryers to toilet seat danias to value support arms – and more! For example, American Dryer’s ExtremeAir High Speed Hand Dryer can be now be purchased via Amazon Prime. The ExtremeAir boasts unbeatable germ killing technology alongside a sleek, modern design, converting regular air into cold plasma, which boasts long-proven germ-fighting abilities. Ideal for sports stadiums and quiet libraries alike, the ExtremeAir by American Dryer features an Adjustable Sound & Speed feature for easy customization.

We’re also thrilled to feature sleek, easily installed Toilet Seat Danias with Covers, manufactured by Pressalit. Facilitating easy sideways transfer and a comfortable seat, Pressalit’s danias and toilet seat covers are durable and functional, well-suited for hospitals and homes alike. The Toilet Seat Ergosit by Pressalit, also available on Amazon, boasts a large, wide seat with effective, ergonomic support.

For Optimal Patient Safety, Choose Good Design

As the realm of patient safety evolves to encapsulate aesthetics, it’s imperative that industries stay abreast. Gone are the days of clunky, ineffectual technologies: today, only well-designed solutions have a place on the modern market.

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