Two Products to Make Caregiving Easier

Two Products to Make Caregiving Easier

Caregiving is an important job in the healthcare community. Between bathing, dressing, and assisting patients with other aspects of life, caregivers have much to do. We support caregivers and offer several products to make daily assisting tasks easier. Here are a few of our favorites:

Shower chairs

For elderly or disabled individuals, the bathroom can be a dangerous place. Falls are a real risk when floors are wet and slippery, particularly in the shower area. Bathing alone may be unsafe or even impossible for some patients. Caregivers not only assist when necessary, but are also able to provide immediate emergency care should an injury occur.

Shower chairs are an important tool for caregivers who regularly help bathe patients. Our shower chairs provide a secure seat that brings peace of mind to both the user and caregiver. When space is an issue, horizontal track mounted shower chairs allow patients to be repositioned along a wall, leaving room for caregivers or mobility aids. For even more flexibility, consider height adjustable shower chairs. Optional features including arm rests, back rests, and hygienic seat apertures ensure caregivers are always equipped with the shower chair they need.

Adult changing tables

Whether you’re looking to help dress, change incontinence aids, or even bathe patients, adult changing tables are the way to go. As a multi-functional tool, adult changing tables can assist in a variety of caregiving situations.

Our adult changing tables are designed with both the caregiver and patient in mind, ensuring a comfortable experience for both. Height adjustable adult changing tables can be lowered to give patients safe access from a wheelchair, then raised allowing caregivers to work with patients at an appropriate height. Our adult changing tables are built with hygienic, easy to clean materials, helping caregivers keep a sanitary workspace. With water collection and drainage systems, patients can comfortably be bathed while on the table as well. When space is tight, opt for an adult changing table that folds up and out of the way.

Are you a caregiver looking to ease everyday tasks? Find out how our products can help. Contact us today with questions or click the links above to view our product line.

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