Height-Adjustable Adult Changing Tables vs. Fixed-Height Adult Changing Tables

Height-Adjustable Adult Changing Tables vs. Fixed-Height Adult Changing Tables

When it comes to adult changing tables, height matters. The purpose of the equipment is to provide a safe, comfortable space for the person who needs toileting assistance and to make the process easier and safer for caregivers, so it’s important that it is the correct ergonomic height for all those who will be using it. At the correct height, use of an adult changing table can prevent injuries or discomfort while changing an older child or adult.

If you’re investing in an adult changing table, one of the many choices you’ll need to make is whether to choose a fixed-height or height-adjustable changing table. Both have benefits, but you’ll need to consider the needs of the individuals who require the changing table, as well as how and where it will be used. Ask yourself, which option will maximize safety, comfort and ease of use for the people who need it? We have all the information you need to make an informed decision!

Fixed-height adult changing table

A fixed-height adult changing table is either bench or cabinet-style, or may be bolted to the wall. As the name suggests, it is not adjustable, so it must be installed with the height of all potential users in mind, including both the person or people who need to be changed and their caregivers. Fixed-height changing tables are typically less expensive, and are best in situations where only one person is using the table—since this requires little adjustment—and when the user poses little to no risk for injury when getting on and off the table.

Height-adjustable adult changing table

Height-adjustable changing tables can be raised and lowered as needed by the user(s) and caregivers. This allows for easier and safer transfers on and off the table, reducing risk of injury during the toileting process. Height-adjustability is particularly beneficial for wheelchair users, enabling caregivers to lower the changing table to the appropriate height for transfers and raise it for changing. The feature is also helpful in settings like hospitals, nursing homes and other settings where multiple individuals of varying heights and needs will be utilizing the equipment. Height-adjustable adult changing tables can be battery-powered or electric, and may be freestanding or mounted to the wall.

Other features to consider

In addition to fixed or adjustable height, there are many other options to weigh when choosing the right adult changing table for your situation. The following are a few features that you may want to consider.

Safety rails—these provide extra security and reduce the risk of users falling off the table. Safety rails are especially helpful if the user(s) tend to move a lot during changing.

Lift systems—an alternative to investing in a height-adjustable model, lift systems provide safer transfers for individuals who need assistance getting on and off of a fixed-height changing table.

Foldable changing table—great for small spaces or rooms that have multiple uses, these adult changing tables are mounted to the wall and can be folded up when not in use.

Stationery or portable—will the changing table only be used in one place, or would you prefer to be able to move it from room to room? For the latter, you’ll want to make sure the changing table is portable; in other words, it is built on wheels and can be moved around as needed.

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