Behind The Names: Getting To Know Our Brands

Behind The Names: Getting To Know Our Brands

At Patient Safety USA, it’s extremely important for us to choose the best products for our customers and their patients. We spend endless hours searching for the top manufactures that can deliver the quality that we (and our customers) have come to expect. Some may wonder, what it takes to be chosen by Patient Safety USA. We seek manufacturers with high levels of expertise, cutting edge products, and a solid history of quality and responsible production. We are proud to carry patient safety products from Pressalit Care and American Dryer, and we thought you might like to know why:

Pressalit Care
Like many great companies across the world, Pressalit started from humble beginnings, as a small family-owned company in the 1960’s. An early innovator, Pressalit began producing designer toilet seats throughout the 60’s and 70’s. It wasn’t until the mid-70’s that Pressalit was approached to design a toilet seat for physically disabled individuals, giving birth to “Pressalit Care”. Throughout the next few decades, Pressalit Care grew rapidly into a trusted and respected name in patient safety equipment. Today, Pressalit Care continues to design and manufacture cutting edge shower chairs, wheelchair accessible sinks, height adjustable countertops, and of course the original (though, updated) toilet seats for handicapped users. In addition to producing top quality products, Pressalit Care has achieved excellence in environmental responsibility as well as ethical treatment of their employees. In short, Pressalit Care is a manufacturer that Patient Safety is proud to work with.

American Dryers
Another maker with a long history of production, American Dryer has been a leading hand dryer manufacturer since the 1950’s. Since their inception, American Dryer has been committed to finding faster, more hygienic, and more environmentally friendly ways to dry hands. Their knowledge and expertise has translated into a highly successful business offering hand dryers for any application. American Dryer lives up to their name, proudly assembling their complete line in the USA. Each hand dryer is carefully crafted under the influence of architects, engineers, and designers. An example of their industry leading innovation, the Cold Plasma Clean technology delivers one of the most hygienic hand dryers around, reducing germs as it dries. We look forward to new creations from American Dryers!

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