CaviCide™ Wipes- Compatible with Pressalit Bathroom and Kitchen products

CaviCide™ Wipes- Compatible with Pressalit Bathroom and Kitchen products

This is a new and exciting development.  Pressalit Care A/S of Denmark, has added CaviCide™ to the web specifications for cleaning of their products.

CaviCide™ -cleaning products, produced by Metrex™, effectively disinfect against tuberculosis, HIV-1, HBV, HCV, and even MRSA.  This low-alcohol product line is recommended for use in a broad range of healthcare environments, from the ICU and neonatal areas, to long-term healthcare settings, nursing homes and group homes. 

CaviCide™ is used daily in many US healthcare facilities in their infection control programs.  And now we know it can safely be applied to all the Pressalit Care product line

To determine whether Pressalit’s product could stand up to this powerful, effective product line, a series of tests were performed to establish how our products held up to CaviCide™ applications – And the results were overwhelmingly affirming. 

Bathrooms Get Safer

Pressalit’s Flexible Bathroom, complete with a broad range of bathroom aids – from fold-down grab bars to adjustable shower seat, toilets and matrix sinks – can now be cleaned easily and safely with products from the CaviCide™ family.  Simply apply, following the directions on the product, then afterward -wipe surface down the same surface, with a soft clean rag to avoid discoloration.

Kitchens Get Safer   

Pressalit kitchen solutions, including electric lifts, brackets and hand controls, can also be effortlessly disinfected with CaviCide™ treatments.

This comes with the same specifications -simply apply following the directions on the product, then -wipe down the same surface with a soft, clean rag to ensure avoidance of any product discoloration.

Pressalit Care cares, and will continue to bring new and innovative products

And will continue to consult and implement what is needed to ensure customers get the best product there is.

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