Which Wheelchair Sink is Best for your Facility?

Which Wheelchair Sink is Best for your Facility?

For those looking for a wheelchair sink in a smaller space, the MATRIX Curve is great option. With a rounded, more traditional shape, this porcelain wheelchair sink gives users a more familiar experience, still allowing a seated user to fit comfortably beneath the shallow basin. While there are no handrails on this wheelchair sink, the concave front helps stabilize both seated and standing users. The small rounded shape of the wheelchair sink makes it easy to work around for caretakers.

MATRIX Curve Wheelchair SinkMATRIX Curve

MATRIX Small is another ideal space saving option. The modern style MATRIX Small is a rectangular wheelchair sink offering two front facing handrails for user ease. When the handrails are not needed, they can double as towel racks, keeping towels in easy reach for a seated user, and saving valuable space by eliminating the need for additional racks. The smaller flat-bottomed basin provides ample room for seated wheelchair users to fit comfortably beneath the sink; angled walls of the basin allow for fast draining, while the short lateral (front-to-back) depth allows users to easily reach the tap while seated. When more space is available for wheelchair sink installation, MATRIX Large offers many benefits. Four handrails give users plenty of assistance, and like the MATRIX Small, this larger wheelchair sink has a flat-bottomed basin and allows users comfortable access to the tap. Unlike the MATRIX Small however, MATRIX Large has wide sides which offer space for bathroom necessities. This wheelchair sink is a great option when there is limited or no additional counter space, as it is built into the sink.

MATRIX Small Wheelchair SinkMATRIX Small

The most specialized wheelchair sink offered by Patient Safety USA is the MATRIX Angle. Unlike most traditional sinks, the tap is situated in a corner of the sink, and faces an arced front edge. This wheelchair sink is ideal for a corner because of its unusual shape, and has a left facing and right facing option. Long handrails follow the curved shape of MATRIX Angle and the rounded design makes it easy to maneuver around for seated users, helpers and cleaning staff. Wide sides also leave room to keep soap, tooth brushes, and other bathroom essentials. This wheelchair sink includes a front drip tray, a front portion of the basin which angles down to the drain, which prevents the user from dripping on him/herself.

MATRIX Angle WheelChair Sink MATRIX Angle

Patient Safety USA also carries specialized taps to complement your wheelchair sink. When turning on the tap may be difficult or impossible, we offer an infrared sensor operated tap which will activate when users place their hands beneath the spout. For a more traditional option, our non-infrared sensor tap includes a spout that swivels from side to side. This convenient feature is great for situations when users need to reach the tap from the toilet, or else when the spout is simply in the way. The end of the long lever is ring shaped, and is ideal for disabled users.

Each of our specialized wheelchair sinks has its own benefits, If you didn’t find the wheelchair accessible sink you were looking for in this blog post, please visit our wheelchair sink product section. Patient Safety USA is here to help decide which model is right for your needs. Contact us today to get started—you will be glad you did!

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