The Guthrie Gallop

The Guthrie Gallop

As the air becomes crisp and the nights chilly, we all find ourselves dreaming of warmer weather. For those of us at Patient Safety USA, we’re taking some time to reflect on our involvement this past May in the Guthrie Gallop.

The Guthrie Gallop, an annual fundraiser supporting the non-profit Guthrie hospital network in the Pennsylvania-New York region, celebrated its 32nd year in 2016. Patient Safety USA has developed a close relationship with Guthrie, and has been a proud sponsor of their fundraising event for the past few years. This year, funds were raised to support Guthrie’s Sports Medicine Fund, helping to prevent, treat, and educate on sports related injuries.

As a Platinum Sponsor in 2015, our Patient Safety USA team members had a chance to discuss how our products ease the daily lives of both patients and employees alike. Like Patient Safety USA, Guthrie keeps safety at the top of their priorities for all who work and are treated within their facilities. Each product we’ve introduced to Guthrie has been chosen to keep users and caregivers safe—from adult changing tables, to wheelchair sinks, to shower chairs.

With four hospitals along the New York-Pennsylvania border, Guthrie has a lot to manage. Doctors, nurses, assistants, volunteers, and other caregivers turn to Pressalit products from Patient Safety USA for support in everyday tasks. For elderly patients, disabled patients, or handicapped patients, adult changing tables allow for easy dressing and changing with much reduced injury risk to the caregiver. Flexible bathrooms using our height adjustable wheelchair sinks and shower chairs mean rooms can be customized to suit the needs of any patient. When working with disabled patients, adaptability is key, especially in a large patient volume setting such as a hospital. We’re proud to be able to play a part in daily patient care at Guthrie.

Since we’re entering the season of giving, we’d like to take a minute to let readers know about upcoming fundraisers for Guthrie. On Thanksgiving Day, run for a cause with the Sayre Turkey Trot, the largest 5k in Bradford county. Guthrie’s Valentine’s Ball kicks off the year’s fundraising events, followed by Golf for Hospice, the Guthrie Gala, and of course the Guthrie Gallop throughout the summer. For those interested in making end-of-year donations to the non-profit hospital network, please see here.

Patient Safety USA is a proud supporter of Guthrie, and looks forward to many years of partnership!

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