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Adult Changing Tables

Patient Safety carries a variety of adult changing tables, also called nursing tables or nursing benches. Made by Pressalit, a leader in mobility devices and home modification for the disabled, our adult changing stations help to keep both the caregiver and the patient safe and comfortable for the nursing process. Available in both fixed and adjustable models, our adult changing tables are designed to be ergonomic, comfortable, and easy-to-clean for safe hygiene. Available in a variety of styles and price points, our adult changing tables are an essential addition to the equipment at adult day care facilities, nursing facilities, schools, and more.

Adult Changing Tables | Patient Safety USA

At Patient Safety USA, we are distributors of Pressalit Care’s adult changing tables -  providing patients and caregivers with a secure, foldable space for changing disabled, elderly, and special needs individuals. Built to provide optimum comfort to patients while minimizing risk of injury to caregivers, Patient Safety USA adult changing tables are the pinnacle of ergonomic design and innovative technology.

Adult changing tables are the perfect addition to any caregiving facility, such as hospitals, nursing or retirement homes, rehabilitation clinics, schools, and private homes.  Whether youre seeking to install an adult changing table in your home or business, Patient Safety USA will gladly assist you in selecting the best option for your needs.  We offer a wide-range of adult changing tables, with many streamlined features that save time and keep you organized.