Adult Changing Table SCT 1000 – Electrically Height Adjustable

Adult changing table SCT 1000, powered, height adjustable 15.8″; from 18.9″ – 34.7″, with wired hand control.

  • Foldable. Incl. safety rail.
  • Outer measurements for 55″ = 30.1″ x 55.1″.
  • Outer measurements for 70″ = 30.1″ x 70.9″.
  • Excl. mounting kit.
  • See Technical specifications (pdf) for information on mounting kits suitable for various wall types.

Safety rail lock included at no additional cost

Patient Safety carries a variety of adult changing tables, also called nursing tables or nursing benches. Made by Pressalit, a leader in mobility devices and home modification for the disabled, our adult changing stations help to keep both the caregiver and the patient safe and comfortable for the nursing process. Available in both fixed and adjustable models, our adult changing tables are designed to be ergonomic, comfortable, and easy-to-clean for safe hygiene. Available in a variety of styles and price points, our adult changing tables are an essential addition to the equipment at adult day care facilities, nursing facilities, schools, and more.

Product Group

Adult Changing Tables

Description of Product

55" = Nursing bench with electric motor, 1400 mm, incl. safety rail. Outer measurements 765 mm x 1400 mm. Height adjustable 400 mm. coated steel, PVC coated canvas (phthalate free)

70" = Nursing bench with electric motor, 1800 mm, incl. safety rail. Outer measurements 765 mm x 1800 mm. Height adjustable 400 mm. coated steel, PVC coated canvas (phthalate free).


55.1", 70.9"




Height adjustable

Adjustment interval (mm)



The bench is made from practical and durable PVC canvas which is phthalate free. The frame is Rilsan coated steel. Material: Steel, PVC.

Maximum Load

Maximum load: 150 kg.


Pressalit Care offers a range of high quality, fixed or power adjusted nursing benches designed to provide a stable platform suitable for changing adults and children in a variety of settings: schools, day care centers, institutions, hospitals and private homes.
Carers can easily set the height of the bench, enabling them to obtain the correct working position. This ensures safe showering and changing for the user as well as minimizing the risk of back injury for the career.


Electric with wired hand control – the red buttons clearly indicate “Up” and “Down”. The wired hand control comes with a holder for fitting to the wall.
The integrated gas cylinders enable the bench to be folded out of the way when not in use to maximise floor space in front of the unit.
Splash curtain (optional) for the nursing bench protects the carer against splashing.

Weight (kg)

55" = 44.46
70" = 45.92

Cleaning instruction

Pressalit Care recommends that chalky deposits be removed from wall tracks and other aluminum parts using a solution of three parts of 30% acetic acid to seven parts tap water. When the aluminum parts have been washed down with this solution, the parts should be wiped over with a damp cloth wrung out in clear water.

Mounting Instructions3008 kb.pdf
User Guide (OMM)4605 kb.pdf
BIM object (Revit)876 kb.rfa
BIM object NBS (Revit)764 kb.rfa
3D cad model (AutoCAD)5164 kb.dwg
CE declaration112 kb.pdf
Quick-guide886 kb.pdf

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