Patient Safety USA Helps Keep Handicapped Guests Comfortable Over the Holidays

Patient Safety USA Helps Keep Handicapped Guests Comfortable Over the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us at last! As we look forward to spending time with friends and family, we all aim to ensure the comfort and safety of our disabled guests wherever possible. Any host or hostess will tell you it can be a challenge accommodating many guests with different needs. That’s why Patient Safety USA carries an excellent selection of portable Pressalit products designed to make your house accessible without major changes. Check out some of these products to help you relieve worry and enjoy your time with your handicapped visitors.

Freestanding Adult Changing Table

For many elderly and disabled individuals, dressing without assistance can be challenging. When you want to ensure your guests are safe while dressing, our freestanding adult changing tables are a great addition to any home with handicapped or elderly visitors. Study construction, easy to clean materials, and ergonomic design are just some of the features of our disabled changing tables. Freestanding adult changing tables are easy to use, even for those who are not regular caretakers. With electric height adjustment, both disabled visitors and helpers will be comfortable and safe. Although our wall mounted adult changing tables are highly popular for permanent installation, our freestanding tables are ideal for keeping on hand when disabled visitors stay.

Height Adjustable Table for Kitchen

Much of the holiday season seems to center around food. Whether you’re prepping it or eating it, food brings everyone together. Keep wheelchair using guests in the spirit with our height adjustable table lifters. Our table lifters are compatible with almost any tabletop, so you won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. With just the touch of a button, seated users can easily change the height of the surface as needed. Each table lifter is equipped with built-in pressure mounted stops, greatly reducing crushing injuries for users. If you’re looking to keep wheelchair using guests included in the kitchen, be sure to check out our range of table adjusters (height adjustable countertops are also available for permanent installation).

Grab Bars & Bath Solutions

When you need to make minor accessibility alterations to your bathroom area, our grab bars are a great place to start. We carry a full line of grab bars, arm rests, handrails, and much more. All our bath solutions are sturdy, durable, and easy to clean making them ideal for any bathroom. Simple to install, most of our grab bars can be easily added to a pre-existing environment. From the toilet to the sink to the shower area, Patient Safety USA has the tools you need to easily transition to an accessible bathroom.

Interested in learning more? Please contact us to find out which products are right for you and your home. Our representatives are happy to give advice on product selection, placement, and usage. Whether you’re looking for tools to help the occasional visitor or permanent installations for fulltime residents, we’ll help you achieve your safety goals.

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