Why Schools Need a Mobile Shower Trolley

Why Schools Need a Mobile Shower Trolley

If you provide toileting and changing assistance to older children or teens in a school environment, you’re probably aware of the need for adult changing tables in these spaces. But it’s less likely that you have access to a mobile shower trolley. Also known as a shower gurney, bath trolley, or bath bed, a mobile shower trolley is a piece of equipment used to help individuals with changing and bathing needs. Products like Pressalit’s Mobile Shower Change Trolley are designed with the intention of increasing the safety, comfort and efficiency of the changing and bathing process, and consider the needs of each user. The following are a few reasons why schools could benefit from the use of a mobile shower trolley.

  1. It’s safe and comfortable for students.
    By using a mobile shower trolley, you can ensure that each student is safe and comfortable during the changing and bathing process. Each trolley comes with a mattress that provides a comfortable space for users to lay, while bed rails on either side keep students safe and secure. When the trolley is not being moved from place to place, the wheels can be locked to make sure it remains stationery.
  2. It ensures safety and ease of use for carers.
    The shower trolley is not only safe for students, but is also designed to ensure safety for those providing care throughout the school day. Aids can adjust the trolley to the preferred ergonomic height, which allows for safer wheelchair transfers and reduces the risk of injury while assisting with bathing and changing. Because there is access from all sides of the trolley, multiple staff members can easily provide assistance if needed. Furthermore, non-slip brakes and foot petals make the equipment safe and easy to use in showers and wet rooms.
  3. Materials are hygienic and easy to clean.
    After using the equipment for bathing, the changing mattress can be removed to clean the table underneath, and the shower trolley can be lifted at both ends to assist with drainage. Like all of Pressalit’s products, the surfaces of the trolley are made with smooth and sanitary material (in this case, compact laminate) that is easy to wipe clean between each use.
  4. It provides a more dignified changing and bathing process.
    Having access to a height adjustable shower trolley at school means that students have a designated space for bathing and changing routines. Without one, they may have to be changed on the floor, which can feel embarrassing and dehumanizing—let alone physically uncomfortable and a bit awkward for all those involved. In addition to increasing the safety, ease and comfort of these routines, using equipment tailored to students’ needs can improve their sense of belonging and self-respect, positively impacting their overall outlook on school.

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