Five Products Your Healthcare Facility is Missing

Five Products Your Healthcare Facility is Missing

If you’re searching for the best new innovations for your healthcare facility, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite products designed for wheelchair users. Here are our top five:

Adult changing tables
Patients who need assistance bathing and dressing will appreciate ergonomic adult changing tables. These tables were designed with both the caregiver and patient in mind, with optional features like neck support, adjustable height, and water drainage systems for bathing. Short on space? Maximize your space and go for an adult changing table that folds up. With a range of uses, adult changing tables are a necessity when working with disabled or special needs patients.

Shower chairs
For many handicapped patients, standing to shower may be dangerous or even impossible. Pressalit’s line of shower chairs go above and beyond the traditional shower seats, providing the user with a safe and comfortable shower experience. With optional horizontal and vertical adjustment systems, Pressalit’s shower chairs allow caregivers room to assist, and can also be tucked away when not needed.

Wheelchair sinks
Traditional bathroom sinks are difficult to user for those in wheelchairs. Handicapped patients will greatly benefit from Pressalit’s wheelchair sink line, specially designed for seated users. Each sink has a flat basin allowing wheelchair users to fit below. Additional features including splash protection and built in handles make these handicapped sinks perfect for any wheelchair user. As with the shower chairs, the wheelchair sinks are also available with vertical and horizontal tracks giving more flexibility to the bathroom. With four distinct models to choose from, you’re sure to find something that matches your needs.

Height adjustable cabinets
Any communal kitchen shared by standing and seated users will benefit from Indivo’s height adjustable cabinets. These movable cabinets are activated by the touch of a button mounted in the countertop edge. In addition to lowering to seated height, the cabinets also pull forward, placing the contents directly in front of seated users. Once finished, the cabinets can be sent back to standard position, out of the way and ready for standing users. With built-in pressure sensitive cutoff systems, Indivo’s height adjustable cabinets are also one of the safest options available.

Handicapped accessible countertops
Also part of the Indivo line, handicapped accessible countertops offer height adjustable work surfaces in the kitchen. Height adjustable countertops can be fitted with kitchen sinks or stovetops, helping wheelchair users remain part of the kitchen experience. As with the height adjustable cabinets, Indivo’s countertops include pressure sensitive cutoff bars to prevent crushing injuries. In addition to the electric adjustment system, manual and bracket systems offer budget friendly options for less frequent changes.

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