Cold Plasma Clean

Cold Plasma Clean

With flu and cold season around the corner, it’s never too early to get thinking about eradication of germs. One of the most obvious ways to do this is by increasing hand washing, especially in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. But have you thought about your hand drying? This could impact your germ control immensely—that is, if you’re using the right dryer. Introducing the Cold Plasma Clean (CPC), the latest in the Extreme Air family for American Dryer, the first hand dryer that works to break down germs as it dries.

Cold plasma use for germ killing isn’t exactly a brand new idea. Over the past several years, increasing numbers of hospitals have been using it to maintain a hygienic environment. Thanks to American Dryer’s innovation, this practice is now available in a compact, highly efficient hand dryer. The science behind the Cold Plasma Clean technology is relatively simple. The CPC dryer houses a generator which charges air that passes through, forming the plasma. The negatively charged plasma seeks to become neutral, attracting H+ ions and pulling them out of germs it contacts. Without its H+, the germs break down and are rendered harmless. Meanwhile, the OH- of the plasma joins with the H+ to form H2O, pure water vapor. In this way, the CPC dryer is able to help eradicate germs, all without harmful chemicals added or produced.

So what exactly IS plasma? Plasma is the fourth state of matter (solid liquid, gas, and plasma), essentially an ‘electrically charged gas’. Plasma is a safe medium, occurring naturally on Earth in several forms, lightning being one example. Despite the name, cold plasma isn’t cold, it’s simply colder than it occurs in nature making it safe to touch. In fact, the plasma in the CPC dryer is approximately room temperature, much like a traditional hand dryer. The CPC dryer does exceptional work, even beyond the immediate user. As it runs, the CPC dryer can actually help purify the air, as well as eliminate several odors.

While the CPC technology is the stand out feature of this dryer, it is by no means the only benefit. This Extreme Air dryer is energy efficient, cost saving, tamper resistant—all around a great dryer (for a full overview of the CPC dryer, see here). American Dryer has been making exceptional products since 1952, and we look forward to many new products.

Interested in going further to destroy germs in your hospital, nursing home, healthcare facility, or school? Contact Patient Safety USA today to get started.

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