Washbasin and Toilet Lifters Offer a Safe, Customized Bathroom Environment for Patients with Disabilities

Washbasin and Toilet Lifters Offer a Safe, Customized Bathroom Environment for Patients with Disabilities

SELECT features toilet lifters in both manual and electric models. Each can be combined with support arms, flush buttons and a variety of other equipment which makes toileting easy, safe and hygienic. They have rounded smooth edges and minimize grooves and holes where dirt or bacteria can often linger helping to make sure bathrooms are as hygienic as they are convenient. The toilet seat can be adjusted up or down by a variation of 400mm, even while a patient is seated on it making it comfortable for a variety of heights and needs. The support arms are also adjustable to allow for the perfect fit for each patient. The arms can be customized with toilet paper holders and electric flush buttons to help with patient autonomy.

The SELECT line of lifters for toilets and wash basins makes bathrooms customizable for individual patient needs. In nursing home and hospital settings, it is important that you have the highest level of customization possible so that you can serve many patients safely in the same facility. The Pressalit Care SELECT lifters are simple to adjust, attractive to the eye, and designed for easy cleaning to maximize good hygiene.

SELECT wash basin lifters also offer the best in adjustability for patients and caregivers alike. Compatible with the sleek design of Pressalit’s MATRIX wash basins, they are perfect for most bathrooms. The lifter can adjust the height of the sink up to 300mm making it suitable for use from a number of positions and heights. The wash basin is raised or lowered using the wired hand control or the lever control at the end of the wash basin. The lever control can be positioned on either side of the wash basin and also serves as a towel holder. It’s also strong enough to be used as an extra balance support when needed.

The SELECT line of lifters for sinks and toilets has been stringently tested for load capacity. Both dynamic and static test ensure that the lifters will work safely under any use for which they were designed. The toilet lifters meet the BS/EN 997 standard, and the wash basin lifters actually exceed the BS/EN 14688:2006 standard. Pressalit Care and Patient Safety are dedicated to maintaining the highest possible standard in quality and functionality. With this commitment we aim to improve the daily quality of life of all of the patients who benefit from our products.

Get more out of your bathroom solutions today. If you are interested in bringing wheelchair sinks into your home or hospital, we encourage you to reach out to us by utilizing our online Contact Form, or call us directly at (877)-771-3300. We look forward to hearing from you!

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