Safety features that go above and beyond

Safety features that go above and beyond

At Patient Safety USA, we strive to provide the safest, most reliable products for our customers. Each one of our products have been chosen for its ability to make the lives of handicapped individuals easier. Though easily overlooked, it’s the finer features that really make them stand out. We’d like to minute to highlight the safety features that go above and beyond traditional patient safety equipment.

In the bathroom

Wheelchair accessible sinks offer safe alternatives to traditional sinks, with flat bottoms and built-in handles for maneuvering assistance. Handicapped users who require minimal assistance will appreciate the ergonomically designed shape for seated users. When designing a space suitable for developmentally or mentally disabled users, consider installing a mixer faucet with scald protection. These specialized faucets keep wheelchair sink users safe as it prevents water temperatures from exceeding 105°F. Similar technologies can be applied in the shower area, with shower mixers that also provide scald protection.

  • Wheelchair sinks with scald protection mixer taps prevent water from exceeding 105 F, shower mixers too.
  • splash prevention

In the bedroom

In the kitchen

Indivo’s kitchen counters are adjustable for diabled and wheelchair patients

  • Autostop kitchen units
  • Burn protection in the surfaces
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