Pressalit Care News – October 2015

Pressalit Care News – October 2015





– October , 2015

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  • Changing Lives in Australia – In Australia the government has awarded the Maroondah City Council in Victoria for their new design of a changing place installation including the Pressalit Care nursing bench and support arms. The Pressalit Care products are part of this initiative on account of our Australian distributor, Enware Australia Pty Ltd. Changing Places – Changing Lives promotes the installation of accessible toilets that meet the special needs of most people with a significant disability and those of the carers. Maroondah City Council established relationships with organizations and professionals in the disability and building sectors, and working together, they developed a design that meets national building standards and sets benchmark for Changing Places toilets in Australia. The design has received the backing and support of the Australian Institute of Architects and Changing Places UK. The use of the name Changing Places and logo is building global recognition of these facilities.
  • Chorley Town Hall, UK – Also in the United Kingdom, Pressalit Care is busy installing Changing Places facilities. A good example of this is Chorley Town Hall, which has been praised as “best case”. Meeting all the requirements of BS8300 for disabled access within public facilities, the new installation in Chorley Town Hall goes above and beyond the minimum expectations. The Deputy Leade of Chorley Council, Concillor Peter Willson, oversees the council’s buildings and facilities. He says, “This facility needed to be of the highest quality with the best facilities available for our visitors and staff. The feedback that we have received from visitors to the Town Hall speaks for itself – those people with limited mobility who have benefitted from the facilities have been delighted with the flexibility and ease of use.” Among the Pressalit Care elements included is the nursing bench 3000, featuring a head and neck support, and curved contour making the bench extremely comfortable and safe. The MATRIX Curve wash basin, which has a concave front edge to help stabilize a standing as well as a seated user, with wall mounted handrails and the SELECT toilet lifter with support arms.
  • Visit from New Zealand – In July we also had the pleasure of welcoming Anthony Blyth, Managing Director from our New Zealand distributor, Arjo Huntleigh. Below you may read about the visit in Anthony Blyth’s own words. “We are committed to representing Pressalit Care to our customers in New Zealand and to truly do this I believe that we need to understand not only the Pressalit Care products but also to understand and be familiar with the personnel, values, the culture of Pressalit Care. To do this I believe it is important to visit the Pressalit Care head office and factory to experience firsthand these aspects and to build a strong relationship between ArjoHuntleigh NZ and Pressalit Care. The other main reasons for my visit were to understand why Pressalit Care has been successful especially in your home market and to explore where the opportunities are in our market for the Pressalit Care products. My visit started with a tour of the factory including the showroom, the very impressive automated manufacturing of the toilet seats and components, the manufactur- ing/assembly and design of the Pressalit Care products. We then went on to meetings at the head office including the bathroom sizing and simulation room; and finally we went to the Design Lab at Dagmar- gården where we saw a number of the Pressalit Care products in this living demonstration bedroom and bathroom. Visiting Pressalit leaves no doubt about the professionalism of the company overall and the staff who are obviously proud of the work they do. The orderly managed processes definitely give us as a distributor confidence in the manufacturing and quality of the products, knowing we can be proud to represent Pressalit in the New Zealand market. The visit was certainly very helpful in learning more about the Pressalit products and the impressive work that has gone into the design and testing of the products, as well as the impressive new marketing tools such as Pressalit Spaces. And definitely meeting more of the staff is very helpful as being in New Zealand at the other side of the world often mean a lot of email communication, so it is great to having actually met the Pressalit personnel we are corresponding with. So having had this opportunity to visit definitely helps to build a stronger relationship between our companies.
  • New North American Showroom for Indivo – In North America, Pressalit Care has recently opened a new Indivo showroom together with our Indivo partner in the greater Boston area, Metropolitan Cabinet and Countertops. Metropolitan Cabinet is well established as an innovative, high quality supplier to the residential, institutional and commercial markets, and Pressalit Care is very compatible with them in terms of our focus on innovative solutions. We look forward to having Metropolitan Cabinet bring our highly innovative new mounting solutions to all the professional tradesmen designing and building top grade kitchens throughout the Boston region. According to Stuart Elfland, president of Metropolitan Cabinet and Countertop, “We are delighted to be the first North American manufacturer to showcase Pressalit Care’s Indivo line of kitchen equipment”. The new showroom features both electric and manually adjustable systems, providing the customers the ability to witness their unique advantages because it enables, for example, owners and operators of facilities such as assisted living the ability to simply readjust cabinetry heights between residents. This can often eliminate the need to perform costly kitchen reconfigurations.
  • Product Management News – New Extra High Toilet As our extra high toilet R2092 has been discontinued by Gustavsberg, we are happy to release the replacement, an extra high NAUTIC toilet, which is now available for ordering. Article number: R2097000. Toilet, S-trap, extra high floor model, 460 mm, white Antibac – Project Shutdown As you might know, Pressalit Care has been working on a solution for an antibacterial surface coating. After having investigating the market and discussing the case with hygiene experts, we have learned that an antibacterial surface has no effect on bathroom equipment with multiple users, due to the heavy amount for bacteria. Therefore it has been decided to stop the project Change of back plate for PLUS wash basin brackets and shower seats In order to facilitate the installation and mounting of the PLUS electric wash basin brackets R4750/51/52 and the PLUS shower seats R7470/71, the back plate has been changed slightly. The back plate now comes with a rectangular hole 75 x 100 mm (3 x 3 7/8’’) to avoid having to do on-site modifications when connecting the product to mains. International Food Weeks in Pressalit – Pressalit is an international export company, and our products are sold globally in close cooperation with our agents and distributors from Pressalit Seats and Pressalit Care. Ending June we put this international aspect on the agenda – or rather on the menu. With culinary help from partners in Korea, India, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium, UK, and the Netherlands, the Pressalit kitchen staff every day for two weeks cooked regional dishes instead of the regular Danish menu. On the menu were among other things were Chicken Tikka Masala, Herrengröstel, Pan Haggerty, Beef Bulgogi, and Shepherd’s Pie. Together with the exotic food, all employees got the chance to know more about our international partners through an introduction placed on each table. With this initiative, everybody in Pressalit feels closer to our global business, which is a very important part of Pressalit.

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