Indivo: flexible kitchen systems allow non-ambulatory to ‘keep living’

Indivo: flexible kitchen systems allow non-ambulatory to ‘keep living’

The range of accessibility products available for the home has expanded over the years, increasing the independence of those with physical disabilities. Ramps, wheelchair lifts and stair lifts allow mobility into and throughout the home, while shower chairs and other technology ease bathroom routines. But there’s one area of the home that’s often forgotten when it comes to accessibility, the kitchen,and comfort.  

Daily Kitchen Obstacles for Wheelchair Users

In this room of the house, the obstacles of daily living are many for those with mobility issues, particularly wheelchair users. Modern kitchens, like most rooms, are designed for the ambulatory—and, as a result, impede access and use for others. The space between kitchen furniture and appliances is often small or narrow, presenting challenges, and sometimes barring wheelchair access altogether. Kitchen counters, cabinets, and appliance controls (consider the placement of oven controls above the stove, for instance, or the top shelves of a refrigerator) are typically too high for wheelchair users to reach. Further, most kitchen furniture lacks adequate space to fit a wheelchair underneath—for instance, to allow an individual in a wheelchair to prep food at the counter—and since furniture and appliances are often placed beside each other, access from the side is also blocked. 

These are just a few of the kitchen design features that create barriers for the non-ambulatory, hindering their ability to use this part of the house, and often, preventing them from achieving full independence. But why should a single room block wheelchair users and those with disabilities from living fully, and enjoying each and every part of the home?

Life Shouldn’t Stop in the Kitchen 

The truth is that life shouldn’t have to stop in the kitchen. The Indivo kitchen system, created by Pressalit, offers solutions that allow all members of the house to enjoy the space. Unlike traditional kitchens, Indivo products are designed with the non-ambulatory in mind: counters and cabinets are height-adjustable and built to fit a wheelchair beneath them, and products are safe and easy to use for a diverse range of family members. 

Electric and manual lifts are available for kitchen cabinets and worktops with wheelchair accessible sinks. Since lifts fit most cabinets and countertops, homeowners have the option to retrofit their existing kitchens or choose furniture that fits their style. In addition to aesthetics, safety is prioritized, with products designed to prevent injury; for example, the underside of countertops and cabinets are lined with pressure-sensitive bars and plates that halt movement when activated. 

Indivo Kitchen Products Help Navigate Mobility Limitations

Thanks to their flexible design, Indivo products transform the kitchen from a place that excludes those with mobility issues, to a usable, navigable space they can enjoy with other members of the household. Adjustable furniture and flexible kitchen systems allow wheelchair users and those with disabilities to participate in activities like prepping food and washing dishes like anyone else—increasing their sense of independence and boosting their confidence, as opposed to impeding their ability to live life to the fullest.

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