As a communal gathering place, the kitchen has always been one of the most important rooms in any dwelling. Traditional kitchens are built for cooking and preparing food, with counters and cupboards installed at standing height. Unfortunately, this means a large number of tasks are out of reach for seated wheelchair users wishing to join in the kitchen experience. Pressalit’s Indivo line seeks to create a fluid kitchen which allows both seated and standing users comfortable experiences.

Whether you’re looking to design a new handicapped accessible kitchen or retrofit an existing one, Indivo is ready to help. Indivo lifts work with almost any cabinet or work surface, allowing you to express your own style. Both height adjustable cabinet and counters have switches mounted in the front edge of the handicapped accessible countertop, and are color coded to avoid confusion. As a convenient bonus, disabled user countertop edges can also be fitted with electric outlets for easily accessible power stations. With Indivo lifts, both work surfaces and kitchen cabinets are height adjustable.

As work surfaces comprise a large part of the kitchen, Indivo offers handicapped accessible countertops as well as height adjustable freestanding tables designed to help seated users feel at home. For frequent, everyday adjustments, electric height adjustable kitchen worktops are the simplest option, and particularly useful for kitchens shared by standing and seated users. For more occasional adjustments, manual height adjustable counters and tables offer a less expensive option. Kitchens which need to be adaptable on an infrequent basis benefit from bracket lifting systems. Nursing homes and assisted living setups are a prime example of this need, with rotating long-term users. Whether it’s a handicapped accessible table for the home or height adjustable counters for an assisted living facility, Indivo has what you need.

Truly handicapped accessible kitchens mean countertops may not have storage beneath, allowing seated users to be close to the counter. This often leaves cabinets placed overhead and out of reach for seated users. Indivo’s height-adjustable cabinets present a simple yet effective solution. These handicapped accessible cabinets move diagonally downward, placing the items at easy access for seated users. At the touch of the switch, the movable cabinet is sent back to its original location, ready for standing users. For an in-depth look at how Indivo handicapped cabinets are wall-mounted, watch this video (Indivo_Mounting) Indivo’s wheelchair accessible cabinets reduce countertop clutter without eliminating independence.

Of course we can’t forget about Indivo’s integrated safety systems. Lowering a work surface while seated beneath it presents a possible danger of lowering it too much, injuring the user’s legs. Indivo’s pressure sensitive safety bar immediately reverses downward movement when contacted, raising the surface slightly to relieve pressure. The handicapped-accessible cabinets’ pressure sensitive plate acts the same way, reversing the downward movement if it makes contact with countertop items. Even more innovative, the safety systems can be linked. If a handicapped countertop is being raised and an item makes contact with the cabinet sensor above, the countertop movement will be stopped. Check out this video for a demonstration on Indivo’s innovative safety system.

Innovative design, convenience, functionality, safety—Indivo has it all. Handicapped accessible kitchens in homes, assisted living, and nursing homes are sure to benefit from height adjustable countertops and cabinets. Patient Safety USA is a proud supplier of Indivo lifts and is ready to answer any questions. To learn more, email us at, call 877-771-3300, or contact us here to get started.