Five Reasons to Choose Pressalit Wheelchair Sinks

Five Reasons to Choose Pressalit Wheelchair Sinks

At Patient Safety USA, we strive to help our clients feel safe, comfortable and confident with our products. Why have we chosen Pressalit’s MATRIX line to represent our principles?

Here are five reasons we stand by Pressalit wheelchair sinks:


    1. Wheelchair Sink is Built to withstand daily use

      When selecting a wheelchair sink, one of the most important factors is strength and durability. Seated users often rely on their wheelchair sink to wheel their chairs around, stabilize themselves, and sometimes pull themselves to a standing position. It is therefore crucial that the wheelchair sink be capable of supporting high volumes of weight on a daily basis. Pressalit has tested their wheelchair sinks to support well over 400 pounds, far surpassing the industry standard. They have also defined their own rigorous industry leading lateral and vertical support tests on its handrails.

Pressalit Wheel Chair Sink

  1. Wheelchair Sink is Designed with the user in mind…

    Besides being designed to support the user’s weight, these wheelchair sinks offer many features that demonstrate Pressalit’s concern for their users. All of the wheelchair sink basins are shallow and leave plenty of room for a seated user to fit comfortably beneath. Additionally, Pressalit ensures a short distance from the front edge of the wheelchair sinks to the tap, allowing the seated user to reach the lever and spout with ease. With handrail-equipped models, users will have an easier sink using experience, and will feel more independent without need of a helper. Various models also include features such as high sides to keep water within the basin and drip tray to prevent users from dripping water on themselves.

  2. …and considers the nonuser as well

    Pressalit knows that while the main focus should be the user, several other individuals will also be interacting with this wheelchair sink. MATRIX Angle, a corner-installed curved sink, leaves plenty of room for helpers to stand comfortably close to the user. The rounded shape of the MATRIX Curve is simple to maneuver around for standing users, including cleaning staff. The bright white marble or porcelain and modern style of the wheelchair sinks are sure to liven up any room. With ease of access for the user and non-user alike, the MATRIX wheelchair sink line is sure to be a win-win!

    Pressalit Wheel Chair Sink

  3. Wheelchair sink is Space saving

    Smaller models, MATRIX Small and MATRIX Curve, are excellent wheelchair sink choices for when space is limited. Users who need assistance will enjoy the built-in handrails, eliminating the need for additional rails to be installed. When the handrails are not required, they may also be used to hold towels at convenient reach without additional hardware. When no counter space is available, look to larger models Large and Angle; with built-in counter space, there will be no need to install additional counters.

    Pressalit Wheel Chair Sink

  4. Wheelchair sink is Sanitary and easy-to-clean

    Sanitation is also a crucial feature in an everyday use fixture, especially in a wet environment. All models of Pressalit’s MATRIX line are a single, seamless piece, greatly reducing bacteria growth. Rounded edges on the handrails help keep the wheelchair sink clean, and non-porous hygienic coating covers the entire wheelchair sink, including the underside and inside of the handrails. We are confident in Pressalit and the dedication in the design of their products and we know you will be too. Need help determining the right sink for your facility? Patient Safety USA is here to assist in any wheelchair sink needs. Contact us today to get started!

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