Ergonomic Adult Changing Tables

Ergonomic Adult Changing Tables

Our free-standing, fixed height adult changing tables are perfect for spaces where mobility is important. However, if you’re seeking a more permanent installation, we offer wall-mounted adult changing tables that easily fold away to save space when not in use. Depending on your preference, we also provide adult changing tables that include injury reducing safety rails for patient and caregiver safety.

Most importantly, Patient Safety USA offers electrically powered, height adjustable adult changing tables that further reduce the risk of patient injury and, most importantly, provide a safe working environment for your caregivers. No matter which adult changing table you select for your home or hospital, rest assured that you are getting the industry best when working with Patient Safety USA.

All parts and components of our adult changing tables can be cleaned with common disinfectants and are suitable for use in wet or damp environments. Caregivers also have the option of integrating sanitary appliances to their adult changing table for for ease of access. Adult changing table appliances include easy-to-clean washbasins, splash curtains, and more. With everything you need in one place, caregivers never have to leave patients unattended.

Once professionally installed, our adult changing tables require little to no regular maintenance. As with all medical equipment, however, we recommend that caregivers perform routine safety inspections of their adult changing tables three to four times a year.

To inquire about our selection of Pressalit Care Adult Changing Tables, or to request a quote for your business, please fill out the form on our Contact Us page and a Patient Safety USA representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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