Relocatable Bathroom Fixtures, Universal Design – A New AIA Course by Pressalit Care!

Relocatable Bathroom Fixtures, Universal Design – A New AIA Course by Pressalit Care!

A New AIA Course by Pressalit Care!

Are you interested in furthering your knowledge on architectural planning of bathrooms for disabled users? Patient Safety USA is excited to announce that Pressalit is offering a new continuing education course through the American Institute of Architects (AIA) designed to help do just that. As we continue to advance our technology in our products, we want builders and designers to be fully confident in placement of fixtures. Movable sinks and shower chairs change the way traditional bathrooms are designed, creating new possibilities for architects. Learn how Pressalit’s movable bathroom fixtures can open design options in creating a flexible bathroom experience.

For years, we’ve been asked about continuing education courses for builders and architects. Movable bathroom components have created an unprecedented bathroom design concept, something we want to share with all who may benefit from these mobile parts. Just as selecting the appropriate handicapped bathroom fixture is important, Patient Safety USA believes correct installation and placement is just as essential for achieving maximum effect. This AIA course will aide designers and builders on ideal placement of wheelchair sinks, height adjustable shower chairs and heads, grab bars, and more. A wide range of topics are discussed, covering space saving techniques, accommodations for bariatric patients, and how movable bathroom fixtures can generally improve quality of life for handicapped users. Participants will receive instruction on placing bathroom fixtures for disabled users that will complement each other, preventing interference from corresponding parts. Does the shower head need to be placed near the toilet to serve as a bidet? Should the sink be reachable from the toilet? Is there ample room for a seated user to move about the room? These are a sampling of questions to be explored in this new course.

Open to anyone in the commercial or residential markets looking to learn more about movable bathroom fixtures, this AIA course consists of a one-hour webinar which can be given anywhere as needed. Those who finish the course will receive one AIA learning unit as well as a certificate of completion. All Continuing Education System (CES) facilitators are fully qualified, having been trained in CES guidelines as well as all relevant subject matter. Host locations need only supply electricity and screen for the PowerPoint projection. With no cost to bring the facilitator to your location, the AIA course will benefit all.

Be sure not to miss out exciting new course on relocatable bathroom fixtures! To register for the course or to receive more information, please contact your local Pressalit Care representative, call us at 1-508-364-3804 or email the AIA point of contact for Pressalit Care, Melissa Nowitz at

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