Resolutions for a Healthy New Year

Resolutions for a Healthy New Year

Happy New Year!
2017 is officially here, and so is that time of year—when we set New Year’s resolutions we hope to keep beyond the first week of the year. At Patient Safety USA, we’re resolving to do all we can to help our clients stay on track with their 2017 health goals. Resolutions don’t need to be huge commitments; minor changes in daily activities can help form healthy habits. Here are a few suggestions for resolutions you’ll want to keep all year, along with our tips for success.

Eating healthier
With the plethora of tv dinners available, it can be all too tempting to forgo cooking a nutritious meal. While prepared foods offer unparalleled convenience, they also often pack an unhealthful punch. High fat, sugar, and sodium levels are all common in many frozen dinners. In the end, you’ll find the health consequences in these meals far outweigh the benefits. Opt for fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, and whole grains when possible. Home cooking is not only healthier and cheaper than prepared meals, but also offers a relaxing activity with a delicious result!

>> Tip: For wheelchair users, access to the counter and stovetop may be limited. Pressalit’s counter lifters are ideal for any kitchen with handicapped users. Compatible with almost any countertop, these height adjustable installations are available in both electric and manual lifts. Freestanding height adjustable tables offer flexible dining options for seated users. Height adjustable countertops are safe for stovetop and sink mounts, meaning your cooking potential is endless!

Maintaining hygiene
This may seem like an easy and obvious one for some, but many people struggle keeping a set personal hygiene plan. Maintaining hygiene is important for many reasons, helping keep bodies both physically and mentally healthy. Regular bathing and hand washing rids the body of daily grime and germs. But beyond the physical benefits, consistent hygiene practices can also keep depression at bay. Personal cleanliness increases one’s self image and boosts confidence. So whether you prefer bathing or showering, aim for a consistent hygiene schedule that works for you.

>> Tip: Don’t let disability get in the way of staying on top of your goals—Pressalit’s lineup of handicapped accessible bathroom products is impressive. From wheelchair accessible sinks to height adjustable shower chairs, Patient Safety USA can help you outfit any bathroom. Height adjustable sinks are great for spaces shared by seated and standing users, allowing each user to be comfortable at the sink. When it comes to bathing, our shower chairs can’t be beat. Sturdy construction and sanitary design mean you won’t have to worry about injury in the shower.

Staying active
Along with a balanced diet, staying active is important for overall wellbeing—and you don’t have to run several miles a day to keep an active lifestyle. Whether it’s enjoying a hike through the woods, taking a leisurely stroll down the beach, or simply visiting a friend down the hall, daily activity is key. Exercise not only keeps the body in physical shape, increasing mobility and cardiovascular health, but also releases endorphins which stave off depression and stress. No matter your choice of exercise, daily activity is a win-win.

>> Tip: Individuals with limited mobility may feel left out when it comes to exercising—fear not! Water activities take the stress off the joints, and can help strengthen and heal. Wheelchair users can engage in a number of wheelchair sports including basketball and volleyball, or more relaxed activities such as yoga, tai chi, or weight lifting. Working with a physical therapist can help create ideal activity schedules for the individual.

Ready to conquer your health goals of 2017? We’re here to help! Contact us today for more information on our products.

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