Simon’s Story: Achieving Accessibility at Home

Simon’s Story: Achieving Accessibility at Home

Caring for a family member with a disability means constantly working to meet ever-changing needs—and we get that more than most. When that family member is a child that needs help with bathroom routines, your need for the right in-home equipment grows as quickly as they do. It’s easy to feel alone when managing this unique problem, but in reality, there are families all over the world searching for solutions for the same daily tasks. And many are finding them with our help, in products we carry that are designed to make your life a little easier.

For instance, take Simon’s story. Simon is an 8-year-old boy who lives with his mom and dad in Aarhus, Denmark, and has a rare disorder called malignant migrating partial epilepsy. As he grew, Simon’s parents quickly realized they would need a larger bathroom that could better meet their needs—particularly relating to comfort, safety and overall accessibility—when helping their son with daily tasks like toileting and showering. 

While attending the Scandinavian Health & Rehab trade fair, they discovered products by Pressalit, which are available through Patient Safety USA. After visiting Pressalit’s facility, they decided which products would work best for Simon and began designing their accessible bathroom.

Photo provided by Pressalit

Bathroom equipment for wheelchair flexibility 

Simon’s parents were seeking equipment that would allow them to safely transfer Simon from his wheelchair, and that could accommodate his size and weight as he grew into adulthood. They also knew that they’d need enough space to work around their son in the bathroom, factoring in the size of his wheelchair. 

They chose the Shower and Changing Table 2000, a height-adjustable changing table with a handheld shower hose attachment, and the Matrix Medium Wash Basin, a height-adjustable wash basin with hand grips that’s designed to accommodate wheelchair users. 

“It’s essential for us to be able to raise and lower the shower and changing table. I also like the fact that you can fold it up. When it comes to handling Simon, having plenty of space is obviously really important, especially when transferring him from his wheelchair to the table,” says Simon’s mother, Henriette, adding that the height-adjustable feature allows them to move Simon without any issues. “Now, we can take our time, we protect ourselves, and it is clear that Simon likes it as well.”

Other helpful features include the handrails on the wash basin, as Simon likes to hold on, and rounded edges for safety and accessibility. Simon can even stand up while having his hair combed, says Henriette, using the hand rails to steady himself. The height-adjustable wash basin can be used for ADL training, and has setting-down spaces on both sides.

Photo provided by Pressalit

Bathroom accessibility meets style

In addition to being functional for their needs, the family’s new bathroom design has another plus: it’s modern and stylish. 

“With our ideas and style, I felt it was easy to get Pressalit’s products to fit into a presentable bathroom,” says Henriette. “The bathroom doesn’t necessarily look like a disabled bathroom, but more like a family-guest bathroom.”

When designing for accessibility, homeowners are often forced to put aesthetics on the back burner. Products like Pressalit’s allow families of people with disabilities to design a bathroom with functionality and attractiveness, ensuring that everyone is satisfied with the end result. 

Photo provided by Pressalit

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