5 Ways an Adult Changing Table is Designed with the Caregiver in Mind

adult changing table and sink in accessible facility

5 Ways an Adult Changing Table is Designed with the Caregiver in Mind

A day in the life of a caregiver can be strenuous, wearing and stressful on emotional and physical levels. Being a caregiver means you put someone else first, and often, placing your own needs on the back burner. When you’re responsible for the comfort, safety and wellness of another person, it’s easy to forget that you also matter — and the products you use in that role should make both of your lives a little bit easier. 

If you’re caring for someone who is non-ambulatory or has a condition that requires toileting assistance, then you know the challenges of changing an older child or adult on a floor or bed. Using an adult changing table can make a huge difference in this daily task, and not only for the person you’re caring for, but for you too!


These are some of the many ways an adult changing table is designed with you, the caregiver, in mind:

  1. Height-adjustability eases transfers and changing process

One big benefit for caregivers is that many adult changing tables are height-adjustable, meaning that the table can be lowered to the appropriate level for a person to access it, then raised to the correct ergonomic height for changing. This is especially useful for helping wheelchair users and other individuals who cannot climb onto the changing table on their own. 

Height-adjustability prevents the caregiver from engaging in any unnecessary bending or lifting during transfers, reducing physical strain and risk of injury. Further, it enables them to provide toileting assistance at the correct ergonomic height, which makes the process easier and more comfortable.

  1. Made with smooth materials for easy cleaning

It may sound simple, but if you’re a caregiver who provides toileting assistance — especially in a facility serving multiple people — you understand the importance of sanitizing equipment between each use. It’s a necessary task, but if you don’t have the right types of products, it can be a time-consuming part of your day. For this reason, the adult changing tables sold by Patient Safety USA are made with smooth, high-end materials which can be easily wiped clean. For benches with covers, the covers can typically be removed and cleaned in a washing machine. These features are designed to make the cleaning process more efficient and allow you more time  to do what you do best: caregiving.

  1. Shower feature allows for toileting and bathing in one place

The real, unglamorous truth about the changing process? It is, as anyone could predict, messy. Whether you’re helping your person with regular bathing or you’ve encountered one of those very normal messes during changing, an adult changing table with a shower feature can be very handy. 

Some changing tables are available with a shower hose attachment, as well as a collection tray to prevent water from splashing onto the floor (or of course, onto you!). The ability to assist with changing and bathing in one place eliminates the need for transfers from the changing table to the bath, which can be difficult, straining and time-consuming.

  1. Available in various designs to accommodate different needs

At Patient Safety USA, we say this all the time because it’s true: every person is unique and has a different set of needs. This applies to people with disabilities and their caregivers, and we keep that in mind with each product we sell, including adult changing tables. The following are a few examples of our diverse range of products.

  • Mobile changing tables on wheels, which allow users to move the equipment from room to room. This is particularly helpful in a hospital setting, where changing tables will be used to assist different patients throughout the day. See our adult changing tables.
  • Folding changing tables that are mounted to the wall and can be folded up when not in use. These are helpful for smaller spaces, or rooms with multiple purposes where other equipment or furniture might be used. See our adult changing tables.
  • Shower changing tables that enable caregivers to change and bathe individuals in one place, and are designed to increase safety and comfort in the process. See our adult changing tables.
  • Bariatric changing tables, which are built to accommodate people with weight requirements of up to 1000 pounds. See the Smirthwaite Mobi Changing Table – Heavy Duty.


  1. Allow for safer, more dignified and sanitary caregiving overall

Adult changing tables are built with myriad features to fit your lifestyle and improve the daily tasks of caretaking. But first and foremost, this equipment is designed to improve your safety (and that of the person you’re caring for) by preventing you from providing toileting assistance on the floor or bed, which is uncomfortable and requires potentially dangerous lifting and maneuvering. In addition to being unsafe, changing on the floor can be unsanitary, whereas a changing table can be easily cleaned between uses. 

Last but not least, changing an adult without the proper equipment—especially on the floor—can be awkward and embarrassing for all parties involved. Adult changing tables help create a more dignified process for both the caregiver and the person they are helping.

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