Smirthwaite Easi-Lift Wall-Mounted Height-Adjustable Shower Stretcher

This versatile, height-adjustable tool is designed to make daily hygiene routines more comfortable and convenient for both the caregiver and the patient.

• Height-adjustable to sit at a comfortable working height and functional transitionary height

• Mounts discretely to the wall with a flip-up stretcher to remain out of the way when not in use

• Rip-resistant nylon is waterproof with perforations to prevent water pooling

• Durable stainless steel frame can support up to 500 pounds

• Modern, all-white finish for seamless integration with most bathrooms

(74.9″ x 25.6″) – Powder Coated

The Easi-Lift Wall-Mounted Shower Stretcher from Smirthwaite is a height-adjustable aid mounted to the wall to assist caregivers with a variety of routines including bathing and dressing. This allows patients to be raised to a comfortable working height that wont strain the caregivers spine, but also lowered for easier transitions onto and off of the stretcher, all with the touch of a button. The stretcher is made of rip-resistant nylon that is waterproof and perforated to allow water to pass easily through and prevent pooling. Durable stainless steel makes up the frame that can support up to 500 pounds. An all-white, modern finish sits discretely in any bathroom; the stretcher can be flipped up against the wall when not in use to remain unobtrusive and out of the way.

Instructions for Use

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