Smirthwaite Hi-Riser Wall-Mounted Changing Table

This changing table is height adjustable and designed to make daily routines such as changing clothes more comfortable, convenient, and secure for both patient and caregiver.

• Height-adjustable for smoother transitions onto and off of the table as well as more comfortable caregiver working height
• Stow-away side rail to keep patient safely on the table without obstructing transfers
• Wall-mounted to save floor space with flip-up table platform for further space conservation when not in use
• Stainless steel frame resists corrosion and can support up to 440 pounds
• Water-resistant vinyl material for easy sanitation between patients and as needed

(82.6 1″ x 25.6″) – Powder Coated

The Hi-Riser Wall-Mounted Changing Table attaches to the wall and therefore takes up no floor space; when not in use, the table folds up against the frame to sit discretely out of the way. A simple remote control allows caregivers to raise and lower the table with the touch of a button. The platform can be lowered to the patient’s level for easier transitions onto and off of the table, and can also be raised to sit at a more comfortable, ergonomically-sound working height for the caregiver. A stow-away side rail helps keep patients securely on the platform. The table is covered in water-resistant vinyl material that is easy to wipe clean and sanitize between patients.

Instructions for Use

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