Smirthwaite Mobi Changing Table – Heavy Duty

Smirthwaite Mobi Bariatric Changer is heavy duty changing table which was created to fulfil the needs of bariatric users as well as adults with weight requirements of up to 1000 pounds. Its powerful motor, combined with the extra wide mattress base, makes it a great choice. The Mobi family of products has the advantage of not requiring any wall or floor attachment. They are simple to manoeuvre, allowing the user to move from room to room without difficulty (door opening has to be 43″ or more).

(78.7 ” x 37.8″) – Powder Coated


Smirthwaite Mobi heavy duty changer is electronically controlled, making it simple to modify the table’s height, which is useful to both the caregiver and the user. Because of the powder coating, it should only be used in dry situations.

Light indications

•Red – Battery needs immediate charging.
•Orange – Battery charging recommended.
•Green – Battery does not require charging. The Green light will be lit when the battery is being charged.


• Unique stowaway side rails
• Sufficient clearance for hoists
• Mobile and easy to maneuver
• Available in blue colored upholstery
• Excellent height range for easier handling

Instructions for Use

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