Baltimore Adjustable sinks

When it comes to safety, hygiene, and comfort, high quality Baltimore adjustable sinks are indispensable. Everyone needs to wash their hands and have access to a sink, no matter how able-bodied or disabled they are. Patient Safety USA houses a variety of Baltimore adjustable sinks with features that match your unique needs. Each of our Baltimore adjustable sinks is made of professional quality and can be utilized in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and homes.

The goal of all Baltimore adjustable sinks sold at Patient Safety USA is to allow every individual to live an independent and fulfilling life. Our models of Baltimore adjustable sinks are designed with the patient in mind and come with a range of individualized features. Handrails that allow individuals to complete day-to-day tasks without assistance are a great addition to Baltimore adjustable sinks. These are made to support over 400 pounds and instill mobility and confidence in users. Each of the Baltimore adjustable sinks that we sell is made of white marble coated in non-porous gel, making them easy to clean and attractive to look at. Additionally, they are designed as one seamless piece, a feature that greatly reduces the threat of bacteria growth. No part of our Baltimore adjustable sinks is impractical, and we hope to build products that normalize the life of disabled adults while ensuring day-to-day safety.

The Baltimore adjustable sinks sold at Patient Safety USA are designed with the patient in mind and built to be safe, practical, and attractive. With features like overflow basins, ergonomic design, variable sizes, tap holes, and handrails, each of our Baltimore adjustable sinks can be individualized to you and your patient’s needs. Contact us at Patient Safety USA today to hear more about our Baltimore adjustable sinks and each of the particular features we offer.

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