Pressalit MATRIX CURVE ergonomic wash basin without overflow

600 mm (23.62206 inch) x 490 mm (19.291349 inch) . Incl. drain fitting.

MATRIX CURVE ergonomic sink, 23.6″ x 19.3″ x 7.5”, with tap hole diameter 1.4”, without overflow. Supplied with drain fitting. The concave front edge stabilises standing as well as seated users. The rounded edges are also comfortable to hold and rest against. The flat bottom leaves room for the legs underneath. Material: Ceramic. Suitable for sink brackets from the Pressalit PLUS, SELECT and VALUE ranges.
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Description of Product

CURVE ergonomic wash basin with overflow and tap hole.
Supplied with drain fitting
600 x 490 mm.


Cultured marble with a high-polished, nonporous sanitary gel coating



Maximum load

200 kg.


The concave front edge stabilises a standing as well as a seated user.
The rounded shapes are nice to grip and lean against.
The design of the corners leaves space and supports the elbows in the basin and the flat bottom leaves space for the legs of a seated user.

Weight (kg)


Cleaning instruction

The product is to be cleaned with hot water or a mild soapy cleaning agent. Do not use chlorine based or corrosive cleaners as it may result in the surface being damaged.

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