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Patient Safety USA

Patient Safety USA was previously branded as Mid Atlantic Lift, and our team members have been working in the medical device field for over thirty years. Patient Safety specializes in the categories of shower chairs, grab bars, adult changing tables, and wheelchair sinks. At Patient Safety USA we understand that a patient’s safety is a top priority. Times when patients need to be moved and cannot move themselves can create risk to both patients and caregivers. Our products aim to limit this risk by using innovative technology and comfortable equipment to make patient handling safer.

We are distributors for Pressalit Care and Lopital Products. We sell safe patient handling equipment for hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals, assisted living facilities, home care and more.

Whether you need new nursing benches for your rehabilitation hospital or cutting-edge bath, kitchen, and bedroom safety technology for your assisted living bathrooms we have solutions to make your facility safer and help reduce the risk of injury to your patients and employees.

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