• Powered Matrix Sink Package with Long Rotatable Faucet

    Powered Matrix Sink Package with Long Rotatable Faucet

    Product no.: PSUSA101


    • Height adjustable 7.9 inches with push button adjustments on front edge of sink
    • Integrated grab handles on front of sink
    • Concealed plumbing fixtures

    MATRIX MEDIUM vanity wash basin with two integrated handrails in the front, and operating buttons in the front edge. With tap hole and overflow. Drain fitting must be bought separately. The wash basin has raised edges, preventing water from running over the back or down the outer sides.

    Materials: Cultured marble with a high-polished, pore-free sanitary gel coating.

    Comes with faucet with long rotatable spout.

    Colors: White

    Items below with RT622 Faucet w long rotatable spout

    R4828000 Matrix Sink Bracket Powered

    R2122000 Matrix Medium Sink Powered w/overflow

    LA1321 Drain fitting for sink pop-up plug

    T4679 US Plumbing adapter for faucets

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