PLUS support arm, height adjustable

Length: 882 mm (34.7244282 inch) , detachable and foldable. Right/left hand operated. Can be height adjusted 240 mm (9.448824 inch) from 645 mm (25.3937145 inch) to 885 mm (34.8425385 inch) .

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Product group

Support arms and Grab bars

Description of product

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Hand operated

Left, Right


White, Orange, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Lime Green, Light Blue, Brown, Purple


Height adjustable

Adjustment interval (mm)

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The arms are primarily constructed in 10-micrometre anodized aluminium, with a non-slip gripping surface at the end made of soft SEBS and incorporating a glass-reinforced nylon core.
The hinge arm is also made of soft SEBS.
Internal components and fasteners are primarily made of stainless steel.
The hinge barrel is capped with ABS polymer.

Maximum load

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Dimensions (missing content)
Weight (kg)

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Cleaning instruction

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