Can-Dan Mobile Changing Table

SKU: 19-97-62

Height Adjustable: 18″ to 34″ (floor to table top)

Table Sizes: 62×28″, 72×28″, 62×30″, 72×30″, 62×32″, 72×32″, 72×36″, 72×40″

Mattress: 2” thick

Minimum Length for space:
62” table – 74”
72” table – 84”

Lifting Capacity: 450 lbs (evenly distributed)

You need a Changing Table. You need it to be versatile. You may need it to move from one room to the next. For one client to another. Easy to use, easy to clean, safe to operate and simply reliable. This is a Can-Dan Mobile Changing Table.

Our mobile solution is proven to be reliable solution, designed to fit your space for different sizes of rooms (fits through big or small doorways) and safe for the client.

Change comfortably, change safely, change with dignity on a CAN-DAN Changing Table.


19-97-62 Mobile Change Table 62” x 28” x 2”, 19-97-72 Mobile Change Table 72” x 28” x 2”, 20-02-62 Mobile Change Table 62” x 30” x 2”, 20-02-72 Mobile Change Table 72” x 30” x 2”, 20-03-62 Mobile Change Table 62” x 32” x 2”, 20-03-72 Mobile Change Table 72” x 32” x 2”

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