Pressalit’s reputation for excellence is rooted in their never-ceasing mission to help people ‘keep living’. Between using the toilet, bathing, and a variety of other self-grooming tasks, we spend a large amount of time in the bathroom. Designing handicapped accessible bathrooms goes beyond simply making products that make these tasks easier. For individuals who require assistance, handicapped accessible toilets, wheelchair sinks and shower chairs mean increased independence, greater confidence and an overall better user experience. Spaces that see high turnover of users greatly benefit from adjustable sinks, shower chairs and handrails, providing each user with a personalized experience, while maximizing safety for each user’s unique needs.

Well-designed products not only benefit the user; Pressalit is committed to easing the workload of helpers, carers and staff as well. Height-adjustable utilities including adult changing tables, shower chairs, and wheelchair sinks means less lifting, lowering, and physical strain on the part of a helper. Pressalit’s flexible systems aim to increase job satisfaction, while decreasing injuries and sick days. With a horizontal track mounted system, handicapped accessible sinks and shower chairs are capable of moving out of the way, leaving room for one or more helpers. Staff will appreciate the ability to temporarily rearrange the wheelchair sinks and shower chairs for easiest cleaning.

Adjustable systems benefit all parties: users feel more secure, helpers are less strained, and a flexible space means fewer redesigns. Look beyond the present, and into the future! Get to know Pressalit and how you can improve your space.

Ingenious bathroom solutions – now and in the future

The innovative track system makes it possible To:

  • adjust equipment vertically and horizontally
  • improve small and poorly designed bathrooms
  • maximize space efficiency

Well-being and job satisfaction come naturally when interior design at care institutions meets the needs of users and relatives, as well as the working conditions for carers.

This brochure provides an insight into Pressalit Care’s work with users and helpers, as well as those who have the financial and managerial responsibility in connection with building or renovating homes for people with impaired functionality. Among other things, we will look at the:

  • advice we can offer throughout the entire project process, from planning to implementing a functional bathroom;
  • areas which are important to have in focus in order to ensure a well-functioning bathroom;
  • solutions which have to meet the needs of both users and helpers on a daily basis; and
  • results which are achieved in connection with implementing our solutions.

Our approach to the task can be summarized in two words:

keep living



Turnkey consultancy on the functional bathroom takes the form of a needs analysis as well as complying with work environment rules and other current legislation. Respect, sympathetic insight and understanding the many considerations that lead to choosing a specific solution are the starting points for our entire development. Our work results in a high degree of flexibility – for everyone.

Did you know that: Bathrooms for people with impaired functionality must be optimized in relation to conventional bathrooms to ensure adequate space for the user, mobility aids as well as any carer?

Presentation of solutions

Design proposals in relation to space requirements are based on the room’s users and staff. Demonstrations of the solu- tions’ functionality take place in our 1:1 test center.

Technical specifications

We supply consultancy on installing solutions and supply drawings for use with layout as well as needs specifications in relation to fitting.*


We draw up quotations and parts lists for the specific solution.


We provide a review of the solution at the final instal- lation, as well as guidance in correct use and mainte- nance.

Morewood Centre Alfreton Park Alfreton, Derbyshire

The challenge

To design a suite of bathrooms capable of complying with the needs of up to a total of 43 respite residents staying from 1 night to two weeks at the morewood centre, a newly built community respite home in Derbyshire. The new center and its facilities provide short stay accommodation for adults with learning difficulties and a wide range of special needs. in some cases, bathrooms must allow for the use of mobility aids and pro- vide space and ease of movement for wheelchair users and their carers. a high resident turnover rate calls for flexible bathroom products that can be easily adjusted by the staff to suit individual user needs.

The solution

Allowing the 43 regular residents to benefit from the very latest advances in flexible bathrooms, height adjustable, ergonomic wheelchair sinks, toilets, hand rails and hinged support arms were installed in 11 bathrooms and shower rooms in the morewood centre. Two of the assisted bathrooms were fitted with the innovative pressalit care track system, which allows for items such as the washbasin/wheelchair sink to be horizontally adjusted and the shower chair to be moved away to give carers better access.

The effect

The new bathrooms are adjustable to meet different user requirements and designed to allow independent as well dependent use. The flexibility of the solutions allows the care personnel to adapt the bathrooms quickly and easily according to the individual needs of the residents staying at any one time. The bathrooms provide a secure and comfortable environment bene- fitting both user and carer and make the centre fully accessible to people with a range of disabilities. pressalit care’s bathroom products support the efforts made to enhance the residents’ self confidence and increase their skills for independent living.

Flexible and unique solutions

Pressalit Care offers a complete system of flexible products. This unique flexibility can be ascribed to the track system, which makes it easy for both users and helpers to adapt the layout according to individual requirements. The system’s ingenious design, choice of materials and details makes it easy to furnish a functional and beautiful bathroom without compromising on either quality or comfort.

A healthy and long-term investment

At pressalit care, we believe in the importance of supplying solutions that, in addition to having the flexibility to meet changing needs, represent a sound investment – now and in future. The following describes some important parameters which constitute the most important arguments for investing in a flexible solution.

Improved work environment

A pressalit care solution will enable you to reduce the inci- dence of twisting and lifting injuries among care staff when assisting users. This cuts costs in the form of fewer days off sick for care staff, and it gives users a greater sense of securi- ty when being assisted.

Space-saving solutions

The flexibility created by the track solution makes it possible to optimize bathroom layouts. The individual elements in the shower, wheelchair accessible sink and toilet areas of the bathroom can be moved in relation to each other, thereby creating the space which is necessary to ensure optimum conditions and space for the carers, mobility aids etc.

Fewer changes needed

In many places – at nursing homes, hospitals and homes for the elderly etc. – the bathrooms are used by many different users. With a pressalit care track system installed, it is possible to easily and quickly change the layout without major structural alterations.

Increased independence

Thanks to the unique flexibility which allows the layout to be adapted to users’ needs, it is possible to increase the degree of independence in the bathroom. This saves staff costs, and the enhanced flexibility means that each bath- room can be used by several users without compromising functionality.