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Hospitals, assisted living facilities, and private homes in the Washington D.C. area will all benefit from installation of our reliable Washington DC shower chairs. If you’re unsure which of our over 30 options is right for your Washington D.C. space, Patient Safety USA will be happy to help you select the perfect model.

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Patient Safety USA carries shower seats you can feel confident about installing in your Washington D.C. healthcare facility or home. Features of Pressalit Washington DC shower chairs and seats include:

  • Polyurethane coated sturdy core capable of supporting 200-600 pounds, depending on the model
  • Adjustable seat, backrest, and armrest heights for a completely individualized user experience
  • Non-slip grip coated armrests aid in safety in wet environments
  • Fold up seats save space when not in use
  • Horizontal track mounted shower chairs can be placed in various positions in a room for more flexibility
  • Colorful options to compliment and liven up any home or professional space

Our clients throughout the Washington D.C. area are pleased with the partnership they have developed with Patient Safety USA—you will be too! For homes, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, and more, Patient Safety USA looks forward to working with you to create a safer, more comfortable environment and provide you with Washington DC shower chairs. Get started today! Contact us to get a quote and a representative will be in touch soon! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know about new deals and products.

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