Washington D.C. Wheelchair Sinks

With industry-leading features, our Washington DC wheelchair sinks are sure to satisfy your requirements.

Each of our Washington DC wheelchair sinks is designed around the needs of the wheelchair user. Shallow, flat bottomed basins allow room for seated wheelchair users to fit comfortably under the sink, while the tap remains within easy reach from a seated position. Our Washington DC wheelchair sinks have been guaranteed safe for daily use, having passed many stringent weight bearing tests. With sanitary gel coating on all surfaces of the basin, these wheelchair sinks are easy to keep clean. Offering comfort, safety and cleanliness, our Washington DC wheelchair sinks are sure to be a win for your healthcare facility!

Patient Safety USA carries Pressalit’s full MATRIX line of Washington DC wheelchair sinks. MATRIX Small and MATRIX Curve are two smaller sinks, ideal for smaller spaces. Handrails are included in the Small for when the user needs to pull or lean on the sink, and can also double as towel racks to keep towels close by while seated. Curve is a more traditional oval shape without handrails, but with a flat bottom for accessibility.

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When more space is available, consider the MATRIX Large or MATRIX Angle for your Washington DC wheelchair sink needs. Wider edges leave space for holding bathroom necessities, and both of the larger wheelchair sinks are compatible with height adjustable mounting fixtures for more flexibility. The uniquely convex curved front of the Angle has two long handrails, while the Large has four smaller handrails for ample assistance.

Patient Safety USA’s friendly and knowledgeable team is eager to help you pick the right Washington DC wheelchair for your space. Contact us today for more information and we’ll help you get started!

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