Washington D.C. Special needs changing tables

Thinking about implementing a special needs changing table into your Washington D.C. healthcare facility? Look no further than Patient Safety USA. Our special needs changing tables make valuable additions to any Washington D.C. hospital, nursing home, and rehabilitation facility. We carry over 35 models of special needs changing tables and are ready to help you choose the best products for your unique needs.

Caregivers and patients alike appreciate the benefits that Washington D.C. special needs changing tables offer. Both our free-standing and wall mounted special needs changing tables are available as height adjustable, keeping the patient at optimal working height and simplifying transfer to and from a wheelchair. Each special needs changing table is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. Turning your special needs changing table into a wash station is as simple as adding a shower head. With built in water drainage systems and optional splash curtain, bathing patients will be simple and safe. For added security, consider adding a safety rail to your Washington D.C. special needs changing table.

Installing a special needs changing table is an obvious choice for caregivers of Washington D.C. special needs patients. Get a quote today, and find out how our special needs changing tables can improve your daily caregiving routine.

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