Washington D.C. Nursing Benches & Special Needs Changing Tables

At Patient Safety USA, we offer Washington D.C. nursing homes, rehab facilities, and hospitals with a wide range of ADA compliant nursing bench/special needs changing tables for use in both public and private settings, including nursing homes, assisted living centers, including hospitals and rehabilitation clinics.

Nursing benches and special needs changing tables are the perfect solution for safely transferring a patient and handling a special needs patient, disabled patient, and elderly individuals. Nursing Benches supports with changing patient clothes, transferring patients, washing patients and incontinence aids. Patient Safety USA nursing benches and special needs changing tables are ergonomically designed to minimize risk and prevent unnecessary injury to both the patient and the caregiver. We distribute fixed and adjustable height nursing benches throughout the state of Washington D.C., all of which are fully customizable to your preference. Some additional features include:

  • Special Needs Changing Table Safety rails
  • Special Needs Changing Table Sanitary appliances
  • Special Needs Changing Table Splash curtains
  • Special Needs Changing Table Foldable/Collapsible Table


Furthermore, our Special Needs Changing Table can either be wall mounted or freestanding depending on your application. Our team will gladly assist you in finding the best model for your patients’ needs. Our Washington D.C. nursing benches can be found here.

If you are interested in requesting a quote for a Washington D.C. nursing bench or simply want to browse our selection, please visit the link below:

Washington D.C. Nursing benches

Patient Safety USA is a reputable distributor of Pressalit Care safe patient handling medical equipment in Washington D.C. – so whether you’re a hospital in Baltimore, a rehab clinic in Annapolis, or a nursing home in Frederick, Patient Safety USA has you covered.

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