Washington D.C. Disabled bathroom

Looking to design a disabled bathroom in the Washington D.C. area? Patient Safety USA knows how challenging this can be, to find the perfect balance of function, comfort and aesthetics. No matter if you work with hospital patients, nursing home residents, retirement home residents, rehabilitation center patients, school attendees, or private clients, we will help you determine your specific Washington D.C. disabled bathroom needs, and choose from our wide variety of disabled bathroom products.

Patient Safety USA carries a full range of fixtures for your Washington D.C. disabled bathroom. Our adult changing tables are highly adjustable to create a personalized experience. We offer both adjustable and fixed models, which are designed to be ergonomically safe and comfortable. Our adult changing tables make an excellent addition to a Washington D.C. disabled bathroom. As bathrooms are often considered one of the most dangerous rooms in the house for disabled users, Washington D.C. disabled bathrooms should be equipped with bars, handles, and handrails. Patient Safety USA also has a full range of grab bars and bath solutions for your Washington D.C. disabled bathroom. Also some our most popular products, shower chairs and wheelchair sinks are two of our specialties at Patient Safety USA. We have a large number of options for varying needs and requirements that you may have for your Washington D.C. disabled bathroom. Accommodation is key when creating a Washington D.C. disabled bathroom, and we allow for a wide range of adjustable products.

Patient Safety USA is proud of our experience and proficiency in creating cutting-edge Washington D.C. disabled bathroom designs with safety technology and ergonomic features. When the safety of you and your client is on the line, only Patient Safety USA has the equipment to build the best Washington D.C. disabled bathroom possible. We strive to let patients live with dignity while remaining safe. Contact us today to start working on or improving your Washington D.C. disabled bathroom.

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