Philadelphia Disabled changing tables

Patient Safety USA has always been known for providing customers with top quality products. It’s something we’re proud of, and can be seen in our disabled changing tables. Caregivers throughout Philadelphia are raving about our disabled changing tables, as everyday tasks are made simpler. All our disabled changing tables are made by Pressalit, a leader in the handicapped patient equipment industry. Just as our Philadelphia customers rely on us to provide the best products, we too feel confident in Pressalit’s disabled changing tables.

Some may wonder what our Philadelphia disabled changing tables have to offer that others don’t. The list of features in our Philadelphia disabled changing tables is quite impressive. Not only can our Philadelphia disabled changing tables be used in changing incontinence aids or clothing of elderly patients, disabled patients, or special needs patients, but with the correct accessories our disabled changing tables can also be used as a bathing surface. Another favorite feature is the height adjustable option on several Philadelphia disabled changing table models. As our Philadelphia disabled changing tables are made with high quality materials, they can be easily cleaned and stand up to most cleaning products.

Philadelphia is home to many patients in hospitals, retirement homes, and other healthcare facilities that are currently using our disabled changing tables. These Philadelphia disabled changing tables can be used almost anywhere. Many models are able to be folded away when not in use for locations with limited space, making them a popular choice for use in Philadelphia homes as well.

What are you waiting for? You patients and caregivers will appreciate you looking out for them. If you’re looking for top quality disabled changing tables in Philadelphia, Patient Safety USA is your source. We’re happy to answer questions on products, purchasing, and installation of our disabled changing tables. Browse our collection online, or contact us today!

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