Pennsylvania Wheelchair Sinks

We carry industry-leading products for your healthcare facility that your patients will love using.

Pressalit’s MATRIX wheelchair sinks will undoubtedly upgrade your bathroom.

What makes our Pennsylvania wheelchair sinks different from standard sinks? Each of the wheelchair sinks in the MATRIX line has a shallow, flat basin, giving room for a seated user to fit beneath. Users will find comfort with taps always in easy reach from a seated position as well.

Patient Safety USA offers four models of Pennsylvania wheelchair sinks. MATRIX Curve is our most basic wheelchair sink. The traditional oval sink will feel familiar for users, with the benefit of the flat basin. MATRIX Small is a rectangular wheelchair sink with two handrails in front for easier maneuverability. The larger version of Small, MATRIX Large has wide side banks for storage and an additional handrail on each side. MATRIX Angle is a unique shape, with a convex, curved front. It is ideal for a corner, and comes in a left-facing and right-facing option. Like Large, Angle also has wide side banks for keeping bathroom necessities at easy reach. No matter your requirements, we have a Pennsylvania wheelchair sink that will work for you!

Built for everyday use, our Pennsylvania wheelchair sinks have surpassed many strength and durability tests, for both the basin and handrails. Patients will feel safe knowing they can rely on these wheelchair sinks to help maneuver their chairs, or pull themselves into a standing position if needed. Hygienic high-gloss coating keeps all surfaces easy to clean, while the seamless design reduces bacteria growth.

We are confident in our Pennsylvania wheelchair sinks; let us help you make the right choice for your healthcare facility, hospital, or home. Contact us today for more information and to get started. To stay up to date with deals and products, follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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